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Yooka-Laylee Review! Another Kickstarter Mess? (PS4/Xbox One)

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  1. What is YOUR favorite and most hated kickstarter games you have ever played? Let me know in the comments!

  2. Dude I just want to slap you when you talk like that. I am a Director in the TV business and our experienced anchors and reporters don't talk like that. I love your reviews and passion for games, but I gotta give you tough love on this.

  3. Anybody else notice that he tends to put extra emphasize and holds out the last word of each sentance longer then the rest? Kinda hard to listen to.

  4. The Game Grinder

    Seems like a fair review. You didn't mention anything about the character voices, how'd you feel about those? Seems like they'd get annoying.

  5. This is kinda why I don't bother with crowdfunding games that go around bragging about how they are the spiritual successors of beloved/overrated classics. They're always mediocre at best.

  6. Mike the Nintendo Master

    This game and mighty no. 9 were great. No problems whatsover and truly capture that same feeling of playing somehting like banjo kazooie or megaman 2.

  7. "No Jontron yet, too much Jontron" – IGN 6.5/10

  8. this game is awesome you kids are too young to appreciate what it's trying to do

  9. Delayed jumps? I have no idea what you're talking about. Jumping in every form (reptile roll, ducking etc.) works fine for me.

  10. mighty no9 was disapointing, now this,…now i afraid on how bloodstained and shenmue will be after this

  11. I would like this game if it didn't hold my hand and treat me like a toddler, why does it have to teach me to basic attack. The game is pulling people in because of nostalgia and acts like the player has never played a video game before. Banjo-Kazooie had a even difficulty curve but this game is just boringly easy.

  12. I'll pick it up later this year after it's had a few patches and a price drop.

  13. Ok first of all all these reviews are too harsh and people are overreacting. I played the game and I'm enjoying it so far. It really does feels like banjo kazooie with everything you need to do and the way the characters talk. Yeah the camera can be annoying sometimes but they can easily fix that with a future patch. The controls aren't that bad either so I say don't listen to these reviews and try it yourself

  14. I think you may have been a little too harsh on this game. First of all, it's not going at full retail price, and it's ultimately first and foremost a Kickstarter game. That doesn't excuse trashy standards, but I don't think this game is as bad as you make it out to be. I'd say it's solidly great, in between good or amazing. Yes, there are a lot of little gripes, but they are little. The puzzle you got hung up on, I'm genuinely worried if that took you all of 15 minutes and if in that time you've not managed to compensate for something that has a delay of about a half second. Though granted, the rolling puzzle you showed afterwards, yeah, alright, that one was definitely ass! Much like platformers of the past, it has its quirks which you have to fumble with a little, but once you're over that hump it's a good load of fun playing this game! I don't think they underdelivered on what they'd promised when this was initially put on Kickstarter. But this also comes with a huge dose of nostalgia, so it'll always be walking the tightrope of what we as gamers expected more so than modern games, because this is trying to cater not simply to modern gameplay mechanics, but also to how we'd imagined things were in the past, and I think for the most part, it delivers that in spades.

  15. The cardinal sin of platformers is having input delay. It can make platforming in these types of games miserable


  17. The PC version has none of these problems

  18. CreamyCreamBo7

    most people have been saying that if your looking for Banjo-Threeie, than this game delivers. I've heard people say that it feels to old, but I never have any problems playing the original from 1998.

  19. One word:

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