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xbox 360 4gb console with kinect – review

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  1. Dina Abd El Azim


  2. tpmgaming סתם

    Not slime it bild elite

  3. there is three ways to turn on the Xbox

  4. Xbox console on a Sony TV… how Ironic… haha

  5. Manuela Lima Pereira

    My god😱

  6. فلوسكم زيادة اطين بلاش فلوس ابوك اهوي

  7. do you get kinetic sensor

  8. Why you buy a version 4 gb

  9. Crisp Cuts Landscaping

    Mine is a 250 GB Xbox 360, but its preowned. I like the preowned game stop consoles because you dont know what you will get. I got the 250GB console (with a matte finish) and an HDMI cable (No av) and a controller with a rechargeable battery and play n charge charger (we also bought another preowned controller and a preowned game). I recommend you buy preowned too.

  10. CaLlOfDuTyMoDz_Z

    3.10 someone's walking lol

  11. CaLlOfDuTyMoDz_Z

    take it and smash

  12. Its your boy faze rain here on a new friends phone

  13. whats the different between 500gb and 4gb imean
    Does anyone have the effect of

  14. 4 bloody gigs

  15. Which system do you like?

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