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Playstation Vita Review – 2016

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  1. You should also play Injustice ultimate edition…assuming that you haven't yet. It's a really great port. Vita has some really good fighting games. BlazeBlue, Marvel vs Capcom, SFxTekken​, MK, Injustice, PS All stars, Skull Girls and DoA5+

  2. Harambe lives!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the video. I just bought the OLED Vita on eBay for 70 UK pounds. Just waiting for the postman to deliver it! I didn't actually realise that I had to use the Sony Vita branded memory cards until after I'd bought it! Oops!

  4. Is the full moon out???

  5. this guy talk about the same thing

  6. yuk a gorila

  7. i have a ps4 and i wanna get this as a companion for the ps4. but sony really need to bring this console back alive. bring thos triple a games into the vita. this piece of machine is way better than the nintendo 3ds. all they have to do is bring those games and reduce the price of the fucking memory cards. and bring the youtube app back

  8. are u a tarzan? hahaha you are special

  9. you gotnsome hairy ass hands homie god damn

  10. Dude what's up with your hands, let me guess it was a full moon when you film this, "Just joking" great review.

  11. hairy hands m8

  12. Calixto Cabrera

    The video is agreeable; complete satisfactory_

  13. How much is it for?

  14. nice video , really help me thanks

  15. This only makes me happier about getting one for my birthday. I just bought it and it'll be here tomorrow. Along with SAO: Lost Song and 16GB of memory 😀

  16. are all demos free?

  17. I liked the video and your laid back style but Jesus man! You have got some hairy arms there Teen-Wolf (Michael J. Fox not the shitty MTV show). Anyway, keep it up man.

  18. Lol why not review the slim?

  19. I subcribed. Now i will buy vita after 9 to 11 hours from game stop. Really exiting.

  20. COOLMCDEN Gaming

    in Ireland the 8 GB card is only 15€

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