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Sony PSP Review – Ebay Pickups

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  1. Another great vid.
    I have to be honest, i've got a real stick up my butt about keeping discs complete. It was alittle disheartening to see all those disc only titles. Hey, that's just me… so long as your happy, fine…. Did the system test out ok?

    I dont sell myself, but my advice is to take your time on Ebay. There was a uk seller with Alot of factory sealed titles, but while he had great titles… You could find them much cheaper used.

    Metaljesusrocks has some great game and movie coverage on the psp. If you can get it cheaply… Snoopy Vs the Red Baron is a great game.

  2. You're entertaining, I enjoyed this

  3. Gamer Geek World

    Nice review dude, I'm a massive fan of the psp such an awesome handheld

  4. good collection

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