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Ultimate Gaming PC Build – August ($4500)

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  1. this whole video made my mouth water

  2. Vaibhav Singhal

    can you sell me these parts for a prise in India

  3. Tony -The Turbo Gamer

    music name please ??/

  4. yes definitely, you give us ebola from using too much black and too much red accents

  5. What if you accidentally lost the key for that secret compartment storage in the pc case how else does it open?

  6. how do you get all this stuff? man that is cool

  7. Tony -The Turbo Gamer

    can you please give me the song name ?

  8. can it edit in 4k

  9. Monique Van de Plas

    How come you call it a strictly gaming pc but you have three GPUs?

  10. Bro, you're too good with these things. very nice.

  11. MSI is my fav… I just like how to make things so cool

  12. Dude where do you get all that money?

  13. skelz the gamer

    Is there any other cases you can use as I don't like this one

  14. Wenches'z Bawin

    Malaysia link?

  15. No no it wasn't (as in the case or the time of the water cool)

  16. water-cooled pc "early 2016" of he only knew

  17. My dream computer :/

  18. Jeremy Straughn

    Check out "Hypnotic Rigs PC building company" on Indiegogo http://igg.me/at/Hypnotic-rigs/shre/15710329. I'm starting a PC building company for those who are fans of PC builders like xidax and digital storm.

  19. How much is it TODAY?

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