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Gigabyte’s super-thin Aorus X7 gaming laptop at CES 2014 (hands-on)

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  1. The GTX 970m is more powerful than a GTX 680 by itself, this will be in SLI. You can play in 4K with this. at 30+ FPS. You can get a laptop than can run at 4K for $2600. Also it's only 6mm thicker than a Macbook Pro, the only thing that could make this laptop perfect would be giving it a 4K display while keeping the price the same.

  2. razerblade killer 🙂

  3. why the 1080p display????!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

  4. Great, a gaming laptop that doesn't look like a gaming laptop.

  5. first gtx sli laptop? umm.. WRONG on many levels

  6. huow much is this? I live in canada btw

  7. This is on my Most Wanted list and it is the first

  8. hi can i play titanfall on this laptop?

  9. is 17 inch laptop too big to carry around for daily life usage?

  10. Thinking of getting this along with MacBook Pro retina.

  11. Holy crap. This thing is a beast. Give me a 14 or 15 inch version  (I do alot of travel), drop the vga, and you have yourself a deal!!!

  12. "Making it the first GTX SLI laptop…" Nope, that is sooooooo wrong. Lenovo has the Y500, Alienware has the Alienware 18 as well as Sager's 17" laptops. All these come with SLI (some even with a crossfire option). 

  13. Can someone please tell me why these laptops are so expensive? Or is this a deal? Idk I feel as if I should just build my own gaming rig….

  14. MajesticBrahmarshi

    what's the price? 

    Did you say $2500+?

    thank you, could you please show me where the ASUS laptops are, have a good day!

  15. Rikkert Kanaal

    im pretty sure you can build this
    with same specs for 700/800 dollars

  16. kinda sucks it is 17" and not 14"

  17. viewing angles look horrible. 

  18. Christopher Bennion

    Apple os is usable straight out of the box, however once windows is set up there is no more to it after its set up it shouldn't take you any longer to do tasks. And we are talking about gaming here and you just pushed the idea of hardware away like it's not important. You may think your little mac can handle anything but when really tested with things more than video editing and picture editing you will find a PC of the same price win every time.

  19. 17 inch is way to big.

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