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CGR Undertow – LITTLEBIGPLANET 3 review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Brandy's Favorites

    it is worth being just know that cause it happen to me

  2. Platinum Warpstar

    Is this game even worth buying again? I had it on PS4, then my PS4 broke. But I have PS3, worth buying?

  3. this game can be considered long if you count downloaded levels.

  4. Kurt Krienke

    hey didn't this dude use to be the one annoying intern on Opie and Anthony?

  5. I just play people's mods on the game. I don't get why he was complaining about creating levels, during half of the review, when the game doesn't even make you do it.

  6. Kristian Galaviz

    this review is dumb and couldnt make it past 3min. why waste our time telling us how you are not interested in making your own tools. that's like a guy who hates fps games reviewing call of duty.

  7. Actually the chef would have to give you all the ingredients dumbass. Meaning "free food" that I could cook myself. LoL
    Horrible analogy moron

  8. RighteousPoop

    The fact of there being these new sack creatures eliminates the Sack Boy as being this universal vessel to carry us through the various worlds of LBP.

  9. Adrian Duran

    I bet you'll love Mario Maker

  10. Oh man, you'd hate the project I'm working on. I'm developing a platform for users who are both developers and gamers at the same time.

  11. I wanna see Derek's review of Mario Maker when it comes out, probably will be his first bad Nintendo review..

  12. Completely forgot about lbp3 I was thinking of getting lbg or Rayman legends for my ps4. It needs games that are not fps. Please reply with some recommendations?

  13. I miss the simplicity of lbp …. I got tired of lbp I had 1,2,and 3…. My favorite one was lbp1

  14. yoyoyoshio267

    The graphics are really good for the PS3! :3 hows the frame rate tho? :v

  15. Retro Rambles

    This game is too short

    Most likely to sell dlc that is killing video games

  16. So… This guy has zero creative spirit, zero imagination, and zero intelligence lol that chef analogy was the dumbest thing I've ever heard! You can't compare a video game to food.

  17. It would have been a better game if they only focused on making the PS4 version… The time they spent creating it for the PS3 could have been spent sorting out all of the problems on the PS4 version (like the loading screens and online lag still present after all these years…).

  18. combined with the other CGR how big is your game collections??

  19. The reviewer seemed almost hostile towards people wanting to be creative and make levels in the game. He kept going back to it. Like okay dude, we get it. But move on to your next point.

  20. Yeah, the story mode is absolutely fantastic. Its a shame its a bit on the short side.

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