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Xbox One S Review – Beautiful [2017]

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Xbox One, Xbox One S Controller Charging Dock Station, Dual Charger Dock Kit for Xbox One Console, Black

  • Convenient to Charge -Power through USB port of Xbox One game console or PC or any power adapter.
  • Dual Charging Dock - Two controllers can be charged simultaneously, without having to connect them to the Xbox One system with the charging station.
  • Quick Charge - Just 2 hours needed to fully charge one single controller, and if two controllers, 4 hours.
  • LEDs Indicate Status - Red-Charging, Green-Charged , Lights turn off-Standby.
  • It is indeed for Xbox one and Xbox One S, as for the below review that it is not even compatible with buyer, buyer agreed us to send video to show it on Nov.7, but still haven't got till now. I assure everyone that it is indeed compatible with Xbox one and Xbox One's.
The Xbox One charging cradle is light, convenient and fast charging, can be charged via connecting with the xbox one consoles or usb port of computers


1.Fast Charger
one controller fully charged - 2 hours
two controllers fully charged - 4 hours

2.Attractive Design
Could be taken anywhere thanks to the charging dock's detachable design: dual controller charge dock's base and fuselage could be detached.

3.Covenient to use

List Price: $ 18.99 Price: $ 7.99


  1. Jesus Contreras

    hey still have your RSX?

  2. Do more car videos

  3. wafflecougar

    omg those camera shots are orgasmic! beautiful!!!!

  4. Lol Nintendo switch ad for an Xbox video

  5. Isaiah Zamago

    It's coming out this holiday 2017. Not fall.

  6. Driston Marchand

    I just upgraded to the S , good review man

  7. Jus go buy a charger at the store for Xbox One

  8. Smooth Tech HD

    xbox one s DOES NOT play games at 4k, it just streams different services at 4k like twitch and Netflix

  9. विनय V२१

    Great Sir

  10. Everything Tech

    Guys ps4 or Xbox one s

  11. Deviluke laLa

    I sold my xbox but keep the controllers now my pc is my xbox, all of the games are on pc expect halo 5

  12. Did u say vhs player? Do u mean a vcr? Lol

  13. You are one of the most underrated Tech Youtubers, you deserve much more attention for the content you produce

  14. Åñtøñîó

    you can customize xbox one s with wraps @Debrand

  15. Nicholas Burns

    A little late..

  16. nice vid

  17. Juan Salazar

    I agree every way this is what Microsoft should have been, surprised this does 4K Blu-ray but not any new PS4's

  18. Tomas Villegas

    You're alive? 😳

  19. Parminder kang


  20. PremierReviewer

    Glad your back man

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