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Classic Game Room – XBOX 360 HD-DVD PLAYER review

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  1. it failed because it didn't play truxton

  2. Console add ons almost NEVER succeed… There our first lesson in video game console hardware.

  3. why was this machine even created?

    I want one though, because I have never seen one in person

  4. Sevy Fresh Videos

    Back then I thought they called them red ray

  5. I have to disagree with marginal improvment over dvd. Hd-dvd was full HD with lossless sound just like Blu Ray is. If you played both side by side you wouldnt be able to tell a difference between HD DVD and Blu ray and both used blue laser to read discs not red one like CDs or DVDs.

  6. Mateus Felipe


  7. I need a 360 add-on that can play sorny minidiscs.

  8. bandwagoning critics? lol

  9. AmuletScarletノ🌟💜

    I never have seen a laser disc player and the disc, I just remembered that my father has one in his job but I never ask him to see the LD player XD

  10. I kind of want one just for athestics

  11. only other hd dvd drive availible for pcs was the LG GGC-H20L which are hard to find now. i've still got one of those

  12. Alain Fortin

    Compatible with xbox one ?

  13. Brandon Evans

    Sony won with Blu-ray because they took the hardware loss and sold ps3 at a loss for a few years.

    for the first couple years a ps3 was a basically a blu ray player with free built in. game system.

    they did the very same thing in 2000 with adding a DVD player to ps2, back when a home DVD player cost 300-400 for an entry model.

  14. "marginal improvements over dvd"? are you serious?

  15. doesnt the xbox 360 already have a built in hd dvd?

  16. What's cool about this add on is that it can plug in and work in windows! I already have a few (~20) hd dvd. So I bought a xbox hd dvd player (~$12) in order to back up my collection, and also preserve the movies as the hardware will get harder and harder to find. Im ripping them then I'll compress them.

  17. Freelancerk1bbles

    lol, I just got a HD DVD player and bunch of movies (because heck why not). Was interested in hearing your view on it, guess this video really does sum it up… I should get a lazer disc player.

  18. Veselin Krastev

    That thing is bigger than my PS2 slim. I wonder why it ended up being so huge. I have an external USB DVD drive and it's about the size of an old discman.

  19. I'm buying HD DVD so it to see if it can become friends with my PS3… However I also have a sony region free dvd player so the likely outcome will be is that both the PS3 and The region free player will hang it from my ceiling… XD

  20. I actually still have a 360 HD-DVD player and a few HD-DVD's. Of course it's not connected, not worth the space it would take up.

    I was such a sucker and bought a bunch of HD-DVD's so I also have a hybrid blu-ray/HD-DVD player. It still works, but like the HD-DVD player it's not connected anymore.

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