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Classic Game Room HD – Wii CONTROLLER Wiimote review

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  • Classic survival horror with over 30+ hours of game play
  • Play with friends, solve puzzles, unlock characters and find the alternate endings together
  • Use the Wii Remote as a Cell Phone and Flashlight
  • Play through 4 core characters in a twisted Pulp Fiction Style story of horror
  • Fend off spirits with Wii Remote motions - NO Gore and NO Blood
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  1. I'm probably the only person besides Mark who doesn't hate this thing

  2. ninja dude14

    I hate having to use batteries on that thing

  3. Carlo Nassar

    What do you mean? I'm pretty sure a LOT of people find the Control Pad really good even with that size.

  4. you didnt tell me how to uuuuuuse the remot for the will to moooooooooooove

  5. Katelyn And Millie

    How do u work it

  6. Pluto Gaming & Stuff

    You do know there is an accessory for first person shooter, for right?

  7. OH GOD… 666 LIKES!

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  9. For some reason the music reminds me of kingdom hearts at 2 min ish

  10. so how would you play a SNES game with that remote? since i only see two round buttons instead of 4 and i see no L or R 

  11. And I don't really know from my self but i think the remote can't play snes games

  12. The wii remote works in every virtual console game (except for N64 and Gamecube games) -_-

  13. Jackson Games

    I dont find the D-pad useful, unless you play sports or shooter games.
    Wii-Mote 2 and Classic is better in my opinion.

  14. Milan Radojevic

    wait wait wait and on what batery working that? sooo i need to chage battery every 3,4 hours in playing ?

  15. Jerome Frempong

    I hate the d pad. Its a bit to small

  16. so, you're in 2014 lol?

  17. I actually have an accessory for Star Wars: the clone wars: lightsaber duals. It's basically a plastic lightsaber that you put the wii remote in. It also lights up. 🙂

  18. stephen deben

    this was the firsr cgr video ive ever seen i saw it about four five years ago

  19. mine was the vetch vsmile (controller broken and it sucks)

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