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Nintendo Wii U – A Retrospective Review

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  1. joseph philip Capobianco

    good retrospective. i agree with lot ot the things you said, i think also that bhe biggest problem with wii u is the fact that you can't use the console without the game pad, the game pad has lot of potentials but is strange to use it for accessing the setup of the console. good console, but big problems with the pad.

  2. QuetzalToonart005

    whats the name of the game that starts at 6:40 i want to try it out

  3. Wiiu is the 9 gen dreamcast.

  4. JerryTerrifying

    I was really disappointed Fatal Frame 5 was a digital release only. I hate buying digital. Just makes me more apt to pirate.

  5. I love Super Mario 3D World. It's just as hardcore as past 3D Mario games, especially the post game content. Plus I've always wanted to play a fully featured co-op mode in a 3D Mario game ever since the feature was first teased in Super Mario Galaxy.

  6. Paul Cusentino

    Yoshi's Woolly World is awesome.

  7. it was and still is a great system .
    I loved mine from day one .

  8. Wii U has big flawd not many have mentioned yet. like the camera. just as bad as a old android phone. Blurry, and frame issues. The charger for the wii u gamepad also broke pretty easily. Finally the graphics and frame rates in some game can be very noice able vs. The ps4 and Xb1. Good part of wii U : The last free online game where you didn't need to spend 40-50 dollars per year to play online. And yes you have to have wifi first anyway so its like yeah you can share your wifi that cost like 200 per month but you gotta pay 40-60 dollars to play with other people in the world. Yeah I know it was free before but everyone else is doing it so lets do it too.

  9. DarthCaedus137

    Great video, mate. The WiiU is my joint-favourite console of all time, alongside the Sega MegaDrive. Great console, great games, and the off-TV play is an absolute dream. It's just a shame so few people got to enjoy the WiiU…

  10. Along with Mario Odyssey, I feel like there should also be a sequel to 3D world for the Switch. However, it could be improved upon quite a bit. I personally hope that a sequel would contain more expansive levels with no time limit to reward exploration, and make every time you play a level unique due to the many paths that you can take that all lead to the goal. After playing through the game enough to 100% it as Mario and Luigi, it feels way too boring to play through each level again as the other 3 characters, and I feel that more open and explorative levels with multiple paths could fix it. I still do love playing the game, especially with friends, they nailed the Co Op on 3D World.


    great video +Nintedo Reviewer, i love my Wii u, it kinda brought me back to gaming since i was tired of my xbox 360 and steam, mainly focusing on GoG games i still haven't ulitmized the system to the best of its qualities but here was my concern/criticism the game-pad had a very short range off, it can barely work if there was a just separate wall between the console and the Pad and even if its on the same room but few more meters away it might get work on 100%, i wish if the range of the system would improve as i really loved it, i like Off TV play i enjoy it more than playing on a 40inch screen unless i am with friends, and the other criticism i have with the console are with third party delevopers as they completely ignored the system and how good it's potential would be such a sad fate for a really good console 🙁

  12. Mizanul Hoque

    I love my Wii U but the biggest gripe I have with it is the forced controls on certain games I.e Star fox, Kirby and the RC, the wonderful 101 etc…. those games should of allowed the player to choose how they wanted to play the game like bayonettta 2

  13. The Nintendo Legend

    Please do GameCube next 🙂

  14. I blame the 3DS for Wii U's lack of games which is why we have the Switch.

  15. Dylangamer63

    R.I.P. Wii U 2012-2017
    I had some great times with my cousins playing Mario Kart 8, Smash Wii U, Splatoon, and the Wonderful 101 hopefully the Switch will be a success

  16. metagross9092

    it'd be cool if a video like this were done for the 3 previous Nintendo consoles life cycles

  17. Bakerskills 21

    the Wii U isn't 100% dead, breath of the wild isn't out until next month

  18. MeeMaw Phillis

    well, 3d World got me into the super series.

    let me explain

    the only other mario game i could've played was the original on the nes at my grandmothers, but i could never get past level 1-2 (switch) and i could only could only play it 2 days a year. cristmas and thenksgiving.

    now that i think about it, the only reason i played super mario 3d world was because my dad got me that bundle for christmas

  19. PokémonNerd 98

    lets hope the Switch will be better

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