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NEW 3DS – Full Review – Does it suck?

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  1. Awesome review as always Blunty. Cheers.

  2. the N3DSXL should have the abxy buttons moved down for one more full-size 2nd circle pad and the start select can go back to the old positions

  3. Great review! I am interested in buying a (new) nintendo 3ds xl and your review gave me all the information that I needed. Thank you Blunty!

  4. Blimey blunty your voice is as smooth as butter.

  5. Sohaib Doumani

    I want this so bad 😐

  6. This is what they call a real review unlike they other no other preview… Good luck bro

  7. MrMangacomic

    i love ur voice m8

  8. The Fourth Captain

    So blunty, I think you need to get into the audiobooks industry. I'd totally love hearing your voice reading the wheel of time or song of ice and fire books lol

  9. CharmsPVP ツ

    i want dat stand

  10. Haha the c stick the little nipple of rubber 😀

  11. BuljumWaffleMan

    it only works on the 3ds, you have the 3ds

  12. Right when I said it won't work in the dark he corrects me

  13. omg a new one I so want it I need to save!

  14. Haha, that was one of the best reviews i've seen, complete, and really funny, thanks a lot!

  15. Good to see a fellow Aussie! Great video man 🙂

  16. A great honest informative review! I subbed

  17. Nic Has A Tummy Ache

    Getting this either tomorrow or Friday. Very informative and straight to the point. You, my friend just got a sub.

  18. Love mine so far. Its incredible when compared to the old. The face tracking 3D really, REALLY does work well. I thought at first they just made it so they enlarged the sweet spot to a greater area- but no, you can totally tell its watching your body.

  19. Mainly purchasing the new 3ds xl because of the added power to CPUs, added ram and the c stick.

    I didn't buy the circle pad pro because of how clunky and unportable the system becomes. I'm not entirely sure if I'll use the 3d. The ghosting effect and sweet spot on the original made it tough for me to use, but I'll see how the 3d turns out of the new one

  20. I can play it in 3D on the train! And the train is shaky!

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