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Classic Game Room – NEW 3DS XL vs. PS VITA competitive review

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  1. I don't know which one I should get I don't know many games. I played some for the ds and psp. I'm not a fan of pokemon and Mario but I like zelda. I played Phoenix wright,999, professor layton and other similar games for ds and I heard there are sequels on the 3ds for those. I like fighting and visual novels types. I know I can play some telltale games on the vita and few visual novels.I liked danganronpa, persona, fate/extra on the psp.

  2. Denzel Monfort

    The last sega vs Nintendo like battle:actually differences,unlike the one and 4.

  3. Features that are better or that only they have on each console:
    NFC reader
    more games
    more cameras
    Portability (closes)
    Dual screen
    Feels better to hold (imo)
    Better graphics
    Bigger games
    Can connect to TV (with extra purchase)

  4. limitbreak32

    Its such a shame Sony didnt bother promoting the vita, I think I love my vita more than they do

  5. is PSP vita good

  6. Evangelos Killer mike

    I'm surprised he knew that handhelds are obsolete in today's world(phone games make way more money than handheld,consoles,pc,etc these days,the world changed,deal with it.)

  7. The PS Vita reminds me of the 2DS in design…

  8. Tepig DaFart

    Nintendo Pokemon has been selling their hand helds since 1996 sony is dropping support for vita

  9. Link Cyberspace

    Ps vita wins in power, new 3ds xl wins in exclusives.

  10. it is easy:
    If you want to count pixels, definitely go for the 3ds
    or if you want to scroll 2d then go and buy 3ds
    if you want library of a lot of PC-playable games go for the 3ds

    or else go for the vita

  11. Владимир Володько

    какая же вита крутая в сравнении с этим гавном

  12. Blaze Shredz

    3DS kinda gay lookin hmmmm imma buy ps vita

  13. 5:24 to 5:41 what game is that??

  14. I'm watching this on my Vita 🙂 .

  15. I got a PS Vita just for P4G and P3P and its worth it BUT I prefer the none really , The 3ds is mainly for the main Nintendo franchises like Mario and zelda while the PS Vita is more for JRPG games.

  16. yeah I bought both…. No regrets…

  17. this is too funny and actually very helpful. never seen your videos but this earned a like and sub. good job man ill stay posted on your content

  18. Lol you read my username

    you are a nontendo faggot. so its going to win. so in preparation. fuck you

  19. When I bought my 3DS in 2014 I was kinda disappoinnted that there weren't many good titles for it. Nowadays Im looking through Amazon and can't decide in what to get xD

  20. John Burrito Favurito

    Fuck vita i have 1 and its useless and i buy the new 3ds xl much better

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