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PSP 1000: Retro Review

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  1. Deviousperson

    for being made in 2004, even the 1000 series still seems modern. It's 13 years old and still bad ass.

  2. I just wanna see how the lid works

  3. nice voice

  4. Bass Booster

    dat voice

  5. Stoan Dickman

    You should do a dsi review

  6. Dude Regular

    am I the only one who uses a Sony psp 1000 and a dsi xl

  7. Mohamad Shaffik

    OK! get me now!

  8. Mohamad Shaffik

    You welcome!

  9. Mohamad Shaffik


  10. Mohamad Shaffik

    The custom frimware?

  11. Mohamad Shaffik

    Please please please…

  12. Mohamad Shaffik

    You failed me!?

  13. Mohamad Shaffik

    My money is empty dude!

  14. Mohamad Shaffik

    Come on give me!

  15. Mohamad Shaffik

    You see that psp 1000?

  16. shadow the destroyer

    how much cost

  17. RoZe SABIAN56HD - Operating Systems

    Yeah, PSP's graphics were much better than DS's.

  18. First2comment

    I have one too bad I lost the charger and games for it :(. My dad gave me it then left my family a year later 🙁

  19. Robin Chiwawa

    U sound like a plane pilot

  20. Cook Easy Chinese Food

    My psp games won't work

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