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Nintendo 2DS Review

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  1. the blue penguin productions

    Idiot this is a 3ds

  2. Vanistheman4321

    I have one and it's very comfortable and in fact, I'm playing an "decent" game, Ironfall :Invasion. It is free and a wonderful starter for any 3Ds/2Ds/3DsXL. I would recommend this if you are cheap / cannot afford the normal 3DS. It feels very UNCOMFORTABLE at the FIRST few minutes, but after that you get used to it, and it feels very good in your hands. It's very lightweight, so I wouldn't trust the sturdiness of the console.

  3. Grapple Gaming

    0:28 says 2ds, means 3ds

  4. Savannah Johnson

    funny dude!

  5. damn it rich a 0:28 ITS NOT A 2DS

  6. fireheartis1

    My son had a 2DS since launch and I swear that kid is so clumsy lol. He dropped his 2DS about 50 times. On the 50th time it finally broke. Luckily they are so cheap used so we got a new one. This thing is so durable but be so careful because it will eventually break. Luckily as well all his games are saved on the cart so he lost none of his progress.

  7. Malachi Christian

    how do you turn camera in games like oot?

  8. Mariogamer 22 Ate an apple

    "its not as flimsy as an elephant weiner. yes i just compared the 3ds to an elephant weiner. dont judge me." i died😂😂😂

  9. I have an original 3ds and a 3ds xl the xl is damaged and I was looking to replace it should I ???

  10. At 0:30 you mean the 3ds👍🏻

  11. AwesomeSwagerBro - Main Channel

    ok we dont need to know about the pokemon stuff

  12. Edward Chobanov

    does it have a headphone jack

  13. colin whitfield

    oh and +1 sub 80) great vid

  14. colin whitfield

    my face is not bald but my head is to 80)

  15. DuperGames 64

    This is the only 2DS video on the entire INTERNET that talka about the hinges. Thank you for that. I mean… the only reason I want a 2DS in 2017 when the Switch came out is because my 3DS broke. And it's cheap.
    Also, my 3DS broke because of the wires inside the hinge. I kinda hate the clambshell design.

  16. Frances Wolff

    I am a vegetarian and I almost threw up.

  17. redleafgaming

    Should I buy the 2ds in 2017 I have like a 160 bucks

  18. maree alkuheli

    The 2DS actually looks better than nintendo switch even.

  19. Darek Patterson

    Its more challenging without 2d. Playing Dream Team, Antasma does this one bat attack, and I usually dodge it. I also have a water proof case with Mario on it.

  20. You called the 3DS a 2DS multiple times XD

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