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7 Gamers, 1 CPU – Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log

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  1. And then is explode

  2. I know its a bit to late , but can this pc run angry birds at low settings ?

  3. VOIS - Mobile

    Cool. But can it run arma3 at a constant 60fps. In the biggest city. Full fire fight with 200 people?

  4. AwesomeGamerTV //Games//Vlogs

    you ugly af stfu

  5. AwesomeGamerTV //Games//Vlogs

    can it run minecraft very nce type writter

  6. AwesomeGamerTV //Games//Vlogs

    hi good bro
    nice typewriter very high tech modern

  7. theXpertZeus

    But why AMD?

  8. Can such machine run on AMD Ryzen?

  9. Solomon Malkuth

    I've watched all of these related videos like 5 times now. Still love watching them. LTT and this series is the entire reason I have an UnRaid Box for my server at home now myself!

  10. that's the perfect lan party solution 😀

  11. Red Beard Tactical

    this popped up after 2 girls one cup on Google. I got excited for a minute, and then I saw Linus. What a mood killer.

  12. Pocket Engine

    the watter is boiling this is not good

  13. Jose Jalapeño

    They tag teamed that CPU

  14. what brand is linus's phone?

  15. big daddy gamer DK

    I ain't 7 gamers 1 CPU it's 7 gamers 2 CPUs

  16. Anthony Seboe

    Lan party, anyone?

  17. IHIndian Biker

    does lan is possible

  18. Ultimate Immersion


  19. it hurts me internally, each computers has 35gb RAM when I have a RAM of the 7 pcs with 35gb divided….. For short i have 5gb RAM ahe ahe he he he…. Gimme some parts, i want the highest one so that i can play minecraft and sims 3 😀

  20. Noah Kirkland

    That's almost $4300 a gamer

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