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Lenovo Y50 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Review

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  1. Doge Plays#MLG

    dont buy this.. Make a clever choice and buy a pc

  2. sandup tshering lama

    Don't buy this laptop Trust me… get a Desktop instead.

  3. Lintar Bias Pakarti

    Sweet mother of lord.

  4. Villajin Villalobos

    Im planning to buy a Y5070. But according to the store the Y5070 that they got has only 8gb ram but yours have a 16gb ram. Does that 8gb ram version is really exist and legit?

  5. Villajin Villalobos

    Hello my brother I got a question if you dont mind. Well I am confused about this Y50, Y5070. Are they one? Or they are different? If yes which is better?

  6. Can this run the VR?

  7. Carl Mwaamba

    Are you sure you aren't sponsored?

  8. I'm getting the i7

  9. bro can you help me? i just got my laptop today but it doesnt charge when its on, it only charges when its off or in sleep mode..

  10. is it still worth buying?

  11. This machine weighs good war game such as call of duty game , GATA V , …

  12. Maisam Amirali

    Bro how is it you recording while i hardly can record on my laptop and its the same laptop as your lenovo y50-70
    any tips?

  13. Does it have 1tb sshd or only 8 gigs?

  14. Emma Stenius

    i have one of these so yep im not so good at the laptop stuff! >.<

  15. Hi Andrew, do you know where the internal mic is placed? Thanks!

  16. Is this good for programming?

  17. Даниел Димов

    Im very pleased from my laptop Lenovo Y50-70 ! I compared it with the best type Alienware 15 for 4000 $, and mine is a little weaker than it.I bought it for the amount of 1300 $.Here are the characteristics of my Lenovo Y50-70:

    Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2,6 GHz – 3,6 GHz) (Alienware – 2,6 – 3,5 ghz)
    8 GB RAM DDR 3 (Alienware – 32 GB RAM DDR 4)
    Nvidia Geforce 960m – 4 GB GDDR5 (Alienware – GTX 980m – 4 GB GDDR5)
    1 TB SSD (Alienware – 2 TB SSD)
    15,6 Inches with 4K UHD Display 3840×2160 (Alienware – 15,6 Inches with Full HD)

  18. Awesome man 😉 Thanks

  19. Abo Salah AL-Khateeb

    Any better device lenovo Y700 vs lenovo Y5070

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