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CGRundertow OKAMI HD for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. Matthew Packard

    I sure hope they bring this to the Nintendo Switch. It's be a perfect match and would capitalize on the goodwill towards this type of game brought by the Zelda BOTW.

  2. It's currently $5 on the PS STORE! GO GET IT AND STOP WATCHING THIS REVIEW.

  3. Bozhko Bozhinov

    I can't find the demo on the ps store

  4. TJ you are the GOAT reviewer

  5. currently playing through this for the first time. Slapping myself for not playing it earlier.

  6. it's $5 for three more days on PS Store!

  7. Should I get the PS3 version or the Wii version for half the price of PS3 version.

  8. OnePieceLover1175

    Best game I've ever played in my life. Story, graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, characters – everything about this game is phenomenal.

  9. It's a shame the Wii U wasn't more successful because a rerelease of this with the gamepad would have been perfect for this game! Actually why hasn't there been a remake of okamiden on the 3DS…..!?

  10. Best game I've ever played an amazing experience I would recommend playing both the hd and original versions since both have a beauty of their own . There is something that the hd version even though very beautiful is absent weren't compared to the masterpiece originally made. Still

  11. Such an awesome hidden gem that nobody played.  I think it's better than Zelda Twilight Princess because it had such a cool system for spells and attacks, and the graphics style was absolutely trippy and beautiful!

  12. Jamal Wilson

    On sale on playstation network

  13. The Saturn Life

    just got my copy in the mail for my ps2, game is utterly fantastic

  14. HD Version is $4.90 on PSN flash sale right now

  15. game is $5 bucks on psn 5/16-5/19, fun fun fun

  16. Vysakh Sukumaran

    This is not a game….This is a MASTERPIECE….
    Best game ever played on my beloved PS2

  17. Magatsu Orpheus

    This would be perfect on Wii U or PS4. Touch controls for the drawing parts, and buttons for the combat.

  18. sharksthat drown

    this game would be perfect on wii u

  19. So I have been wondering,is Okami really good? I used to own this on the Wii but then the disc stopped working and never played it again.That was a long time ago.Do you think it is one of the best games ever made? Do you consider it one of your favorites? Do you think I should play this?

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