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Microsoft Xbox One Unboxing and Review

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Rare Marvel Captain America Xbox 360 Collector's Edition Wired Controller Series 1

  • SmartTrack technology for precision gaming
  • vibration feedback rumble motors
  • 8ft USB breakaway cable
  • Integrated headset communicator port
  • Officially licensed product
One of the set of 3 collector's edition Xbox 360 controllers licensed by Marvel for the new Avenger's movie. The full set features Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. This is the rare Captain America, Marvel licensed Xbox 360 controller.

Price: $ 39.99


  1. HARAMBE Haaraambe

    Bro the Xbox one is beautiful I have one too what is your gamer tag so I can find you when I have Internet again? It's complicated right now not havin it

  2. please get a better camera



  4. Solitude Ensomhet

    Thanks .I'm going to buy one next month.

  5. Niall Higgins

    "7:08" I didn't need my eardrums anyway….

  6. Great Video!!

  7. Don't get a kinect

  8. How much times you gonna say console?

  9. OwenKicksYou17

    7:08 rip headphone users

  10. Does it take like a few hours to download & install the first update

  11. Awesome video man can't wait to get my own next week, first Microsoft console and I'm excited. I'l play anything and this console is sick.

  12. тнєяσвσиιиנα

    I got the Xbox one back when it came with dead rising 3 and Forza 5 back in 2013! The only thing that sucks is that when it ages it overheats and my controllers always disconnect!

  13. i might get one in trade but the controller is to big for me .

  14. This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  15. Parker Pritt

    I got a dual pack of Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2 for the Xbox 360 for $30

  16. Not bad of a deal…..Really good unboxing..

  17. DeadStopGames

    great video!

  18. Yeah I think the smarter move for me is to get the xbox one coming from a xbox 360 since I already have a yearly subscription for xbox live and I like halo.

  19. Ls the Gamer

    Nice bro my birthdays coming up soon on March 11th and I think I'm getting a Xbox one on my birthday I really can't wait lol

  20. I love the 360 dpad

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