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XBOX 360 E Review!

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  1. The Indian Gamer

    you are also using same..pendrive??? as I'am using???

  2. The Indian Gamer

    which pen drive u r using…please tell last question????

  3. The Indian Gamer


  4. The Indian Gamer


  5. The Indian Gamer


  6. The Indian Gamer

    Sir, is gta 5 lag,frame drops…or…drop graphics on xbox 360 4gb???….please help me out…!!!

  7. The Indian Gamer

    Sir,please tell me…how u played gta 5 on 4gb console???…please please please

  8. Michael Dust

    shoulda got a ps4

  9. Lemonpeel77 !

    This channel deserves more views

  10. Caleb Valdez

    shoulda got an xbox one

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