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Duck Hunt (Wii U Virtual Console) // That’s Vlog / Review

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  1. Stephen McKenzie

    "Look at that SWEET duck action!" Love it!

  2. I think nintendo emulated the light gun by simply making a cursor wich snaps parts of the screen once you hit the trigger,those snapped parts of the screen along with timings get sended to the game to determine when you did shoot on screen the game then knows were & when you did shoot on screen in accordence to the timing of when it saw light sothat if it finds a match it will interpret it as a hit.
    Maybe the game was modded somewhat to get around this not sure.

  3. Cody Kowalski

    you look alot like Dave Grohl ! ;D

  4. Why do you cut everytime you finish a sentence? Its really annoying with the background jumping around like that.

  5. tom green 😮

  6. 0:20 RIP Meme Run.

  7. Tysploofchin _

    Meme run kill it with fire

  8. fudge Danger

    This video fucking sucks.

  9. MildlyAnnoyedGamer

    Holy jump cuts batman!!!

  10. Robert NES816

    Blah the Zapper is a must for Duck Hunt!

  11. OneBagTravel

    This guys got 90s style

  12. gamemaster14neo

    Just wondering, can you use a Nyko Perfect Shot?

  13. Great channel, glad I discovered it. I didn't know Tom Green was so into videogames, aside from Xevious.

  14. AlmostepicYT

    not goanna name any names but jeff w (wink wink) me and my dad are good friends with him and yeah s=just wondering if uk who im taking about

  15. emptyspotlight

    loved the back to the future ii reference at the end

  16. The Pikachu Brothers

    Actually, for the VC versions of Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario RPG on the Wii, they had to modify a strobe code to reduce the likelihood of seizures (mainly due to the Porygon catastrophe in Japan)

  17. Satoshi Matrix

    True story: I honestly expected to see DuckHunt on the original Wii when it launched and the Virtual Console was a brand new concept.

    I camped out on November 17, 2006 to buy a Wii. I worked a full 8 hour shift previous night and had to work another 8 hour shift again the following day. It was bloody cold (Canada) and I got no sleep, yet I was fueled by the excitement of finally getting my Wii when I got home. Except that working two shifts with no sleep, I had no energy to even unbox the Wii until the next day.

    When I finally got my brand new Wii hooked up and looked through virtual console….no Duck Hunt. I was severely disappointed. I ended up buying Sonic 1 (MegaDrive) as my first VC purchase. Disappointment x2 as it turned out that Virtual Console didn't enhance the game, add any new features, or hell, even have basic emulator options like savestates. Ugh.

    So the way I see it, Duck Hunt on the WiiU is nine years late. Thanks, Obama.

  18. Louistrations

    I see my Miiverse post in the background! XD

  19. bicuspidfish

    I just recently discovered this channel. It's been awhile since I've subscribed to any YouTube Channels because there are so many that are basically just recycled, and un-imaginative material. This is a fun channel and I'm happy to say I'm a subscriber. Keep up the excellent work!

  20. justin rivera

    my only question is why play this when i can play the house of the dead or metroid prime

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