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IGN Reviews – Mario Kart 7: Video Review [3DS]

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  1. Nintendo Mania

    absolutely hate this girls voice. soooo annoying. "Marrow mode"


  3. Allan M. Hanson

    In the cellphone the graphics look terrible, but in the 3ds sister is all smooth and perfect. The sistem isn't HD but it look gorgeous and sharp.
    I'm new to the 3ds that's why I speak stupid things 😂

  4. Hypersonicisawsome

    Whos ready for Mario kart 8 deluxe?

  5. I have Not eat

    Worst mario kart game i have ever played not only does it have a small roster but theres no grand prix like the wii version just bad game

  6. Only here because gonna buy a 2DS with a bundle that either gives mario kart 7 or super mario bros 2 definitely getting mario kart 7 online mode looks fun with friends

  7. Mike Venomous

    Mario Kart 7 gets boring after a while. I don't know what Nintendo was thinking not adding a Vs mode. & the roster could've been much more interesting. Also more Racing Cups would've been nice too. This game should've been great

  8. MovieNerd_EP

    The difference to 8 is unbelievable

  9. Wow…. this game came out half a decade ago…

  10. Mayer mode– We keep waitin', waitin', waitin' on the world to change!


    It's on handheld, so the small character roster was necessary.

  12. K,Y,Linder Williams

    Mario Kart 7 is the one of my favorite Kart racing games

  13. dragonvale19

    Man…. I mean… Mk7 isnt the best, but i think at least most of us can agree that a little too much hate was given to this games… Unless thats just me

  14. this girl sounds like tamashi


  16. Biscuits 999

    When she said MK7 I thought she meant Mortal Kombat 7


  18. Nintendo puts more effort in the Wii and Wii U

  19. AwexjandrozFlickrz

    damn. this game is alright. all Mario kart games are fun. but this is my least favorite MK game. I don't know what's wrong with it lol

  20. LuchaWithAFedora

    I honestly LOVE Mario Kart games, but 7 feels lackluster. I never had as much fun on 7 as.i had on wii or double dash

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