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PS3 Slim and PS3 Fat Comparison and Review

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  2. why does it matter about the models in fact those 2 models are wayy better than the superslim.

  3. Nick Calcaginio

    I always loved the fat one more than the others was more durable for me atleast I've had the fat gen 1 fat gen 2 the slim and the super slim still love the fat

  4. The Blue Shell Gamer23

    is the 80 gb 4 usb backwards compatible?

  5. Шкальник Школьников

    No PlayStation 3 slim rule

  6. Brandon Ramirez

    the fat ps3 is so beautiful

  7. epic velazquez

    FAT PS3 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The "Slim" model actually requires you to hold down on the buttons and it has less storage. The "Fat" model actually instantly realises you have sent a message to the system and more storage. In my LEGO series "Victoria and Cara", PlayStation Polly asks the workers at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. why did they design a slim PS3 if it is worse than the fat. People with a "Slim" model, request a "Fat" one! My favourite is the "Fat". Just a note – I'm using my dad's account.

  9. 40 gb isint the origional 60 gb 4 usb is

  10. Why are you saying gigawat?

  11. Wich playstation 3 is better ,? the fat one or the slim one ?

  12. And the majority agrees with me. Im happy.

  13. I like the fatty more. Its backward compatibility, chrome finish and usb ports made up for the vents…. The slims are very lacklustre. And dont play ps1 or ps2 games like the 80gb i finally found and bought.

  14. The Gaming Session

    just a quick question, can anyone respond please… the gen 1 and gen 2 are both considered "fat" correct?

  15. i have a 60gb phat ps3

  16. Bianca Sanchez

    ps3 fat so smooth

  17. Sunil Prajapati

    Have you heard about the weight melting system that lies hidden in your body. Go and Google Fat Blast Blueprint to activate it.



  19. Fat ps3 is superior btw its 800 bucks to make because it was made from super computer parts slim is cheap

  20. Its annoying to press a button lol wat a bitch!!

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