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PSVita: Lichtspeer Gameplay Review

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  1. Can you make tutorial video how to play ps vita remote play when our ps4 is away from ps vita


  2. Looking at this vid, I actually wanna play it now.

  3. I like your instagram, I watch it regularly 📷

  4. you have a nice channel on YT 🙂

  5. A poor mans Castlestorm….

  6. I like the vita u hav. I hav the black slim but the white looks pretty nice

  7. Game looks great! Is it PSTV compatible?

  8. "OH NO I'M DIED!!" Lol love that

  9. Hyper Gamer345

    Awesome video marck the geek i soporte you with the vita i love the vita

  10. I'm surprised that even though the vita failed there's still a good channel out there also it may sound stupid I really want one

  11. is it possible to play with gtaV

  12. i was hoping for platforming ☹️

  13. Its cool how marc the geek Play both nintendo switch and ps vita.But honestly i think iam starting to like both of them So keep it up😁🖒

  14. U don't like switch ?

  15. Badass, Marc!

    I always enjoy your videos

  16. Did Marc drop the f bomb!!!!!

  17. Guy:man switch is so awesome and zelda is breathtaking. What are you playing on your vita?
    Guy 2:

  18. haha


    the new PS Vita colors have better display

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