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Nintendo DS original unboxing and review

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Humane Mouse Cage Mousetrap High Sensitivity Catcher Trap Pest Live Animal Trap

  • Material : Metal.
  • Color : Silver.
  • Size : About 28 x 14 x 11cm / 11.02*5.51*4.33 inch.
  • Weight : About 600 g.
  • Package Includes : 1 x Humane Mice Trap Catcher Cage.

The Classic style Mouse Cage,durable metal material, with High Sensitivity, easily catch rats, pests in 10 seconds.
Humane design, can help you catch animals in live~~~
Ideal for capturing small rodents and other critters, perfect for mice, rats, squirrels...

Notices :
1. Place Bait on the trap floor or on the latch attachment, mouse likes the Nuts, legumes, fruit, sausage etc...
2. Suggest put the cage in the glass to confuse the animals~~



  1. Matthew Schultz

    How's the D-pad.

  2. Matthew Cummins


  3. ROHAN The awsome guy

    I like this DS because like the new ones come with so much new stuff and this ones basic. I looks really cool
    How much

  4. Gautham Thampy

    how do i dislike twice ?

  5. My Awesome Channel!

    I saw one at GameStop but when I came back a month later I was gone 😞😭

  6. Andrés Quintero

    69 Suscribers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. i have one i got it 5 years for 20 dollars

  8. MasteRevan 3098

    No conocia ese Modelo O_o

  9. No kid it's not riped off it's a new plate you got scammed

  10. wow rare
    i wish i had 1

  11. those r apple earbuds

  12. I got it at GameStop at the Florida Mall.

  13. where did u get that

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