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All New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote 2016 Review

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  1. Hi everyone! Amazon recently rolled out an update to the Fire TV Stick with a new user interface. If anyone is interested, you can check out my updated review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JapJrusx0Bs

  2. Suzanne O'Connor

    I just got the fire tv stick w/Alexa voice remote.  I'm not too tech inclined, so I'm asking if I don't have Amazon Prime is that a problem?  Also, I mainly watch Showtime, Netflix, HBO, with the fire tv stick will I be able to cancel my subscription for these channels and get them through the fire stick?  Thanks for any info – much appreciated.  (I'm not sure if this product is really useful to someone not gaming, streaming, etc. – I just want to watch movies, series and reduce my cable bill. )

  3. do you need Internet for the firestick to run?

  4. does this work outside of the US? I live in Malaysia btw

  5. Claudette Rountree

    Hi Nick….I'm trying to clear the amazon fire tv stick with Alexa voice remote back to factory settings, however, when I go to Home Setings….I can see Applications, but I no longer see systems in order to restore to factory settings. Please tell me how to re-activate the systems icon so I can start all over with the fire stick…..I'm deperate….Thank you

  6. Hi Nick. This was a great review. Thanks for sharing. I have a Smart TV and a Prime subscription. I'm getting Sling TV and I was trying to decide if I should get the Fire Stick or Fire TV to go with it. Based on your review, I'm going to buy the Fire stick to go with my Sling TV subscription. This was very helpful!

  7. Will fire TV Stick in Canada

  8. Nice review

  9. hey Nick I have the fire tv stick withbthe voice control remote but I can't get my echo dot to pair with it . do I need the alexa fire tv stick version remote ?

  10. Freddie Riboni


  11. The software has been updated making most of this irrelevant now. It's a significant update. The display is completely different and you can now rearrange your apps along the top to suit. The search now covers many services and not just Prime video. Plus many other improvements. It's a very different device to what this video shows now.

  12. the fire tv stick is well priced and its fast but it seems to have an overheating problem, apart from which i want to be able not to allow it ever to go to sleep

  13. nick you are speaking too fast….you are giving a lot of information and for teaching purposes you need to slow enough that the hearer can process properly visualizing the info that you are giving…a very important feature in teaching.

  14. Laquita Alston

    Can the fire stick be used with a regular hdtv or does the tv need to be "smart "

  15. Thanks for the review, do you know if the Alexa Remote be able to pair with Amazon Echo and use Amazon Echo to voice control instead?

  16. Great review. Looks like I just bought the old unit without the voice controller. I should of read your review first. I've since bought the voice controller and really struggling to get it to do anything other than offer me a few interpretations of my questions which then don't do what I ask… I'm not sure if I need the new one or have a configuration issue here.

  17. very helpful thx!

  18. does kodi come with this.

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