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Sony PlayStation 3 60GB Review (CNET)

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  1. "its real quiet too"

  2. "I need it to have great games"

    ModNation Racers, PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale and Little Big Planet came years (or months if you want to talk the release date of LBP) later. Looks like SONY has been listening to people.

  3. Watching this in 2015 this was the superior console, Ive probably owned 4-6 60GB CECHA01 model PS3's I have one right now that I made videos about and its amazing, plays PS1, 2, and 3 games, free online, wifi, SD card readers, sexy design, and when taken care of it runs like a well oiled machine. Mine is 8 years old but it runs just as good as a slim cause I replaced the thermal paste, upgraded the fan and changed out the power supply.

  4. I have a 60gb, it died a couple months ago, but I got it reballed with leaded solder, yeah . now its never dying mwahahahaha >:D

  5. Patrick Crawford

    This vid came out on my 9th birthday

  6. i will buy a 60gb refurbished from Gamestop, my 2 usb 80 gb cechk01 sucks

  7. You mean, The Last of Us! The Last of Us is the killer app! ;D

  8. I really loved the 60GB model, sucks it was too expensive. I would of got it back in early 2007, but got a Wii due to it being affordable. I really regret that decision as that model was the best compared to the ones available now (besides YLOD).

  9. The 20GB, 60GB, and early 80GB models have native support, so if you update to the latest firmware, it won't affect it. 😉

  10. I kinda wanna buy the PS3 that plays all Playstation discs (1,2, and 3) but do those systems still work well today?? and if I update one of these 60GB PS3's to the latest firmware, it doesn't remove the backwards compatibility does it??

  11. Junaid Kanenite

    this is a real master piece can also play ps1 and ps2 games + ps3 games that means you can play 3 consoles game on one platform best ps3 ever made

  12. Halo 3? I haven't played that in years…

  13. Michelle Bourgeois

    Who every bought the slim is a dumb ass

  14. PS3 Slim is best

  15. عبدالله رويشد

    Fuck Pony for not re manufacturing again! this thing can play PS1, PS2, PS3 games PERFECTLY in HD! and even using the network! 4USB slots! I regret now for buying PS3 Slim…

  16. Who has ps3 60gb? and is still running like a boss?

  17. Is this PS3 backwards compatible
    cuz I have this one and want to play some
    of my old PS2 games on it

  18. This was back when the system was struggling. As an X-Box/Nintendo fanboy then, and to this day, I will admit that it's come along way. It's software library is full of amazing games. And PSN is almost on par with X-Box Live. Not to mention MGS4 was one of the best games I've ever played. And it has Uncharted. ughhhhh 😛

  19. I still have the 60gb ps3 model and it sill work even til today.

  20. @x1ic1x 60gb YLOD 🙂

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