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Amazon Fire TV Review: The Gaming Edition

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Product Description

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New functionality includes:

• Transmission of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video
• 4K@50/60, (2160p), vs 1080p/60 vi

List Price: $ 21.95 Price: $ 12.95


  1. Miranda Costello

    is there an app for the fire stick remont

  2. Can you control your lights with this ?

  3. Volkswagenman3

    Playstation is better

  4. Can I play android games from Google play on this thing?

  5. Yes, good review. I like that you mentioned being able to sync more than one controller. Prolly a give, but can we sync a controller and the remote, at the same time?

  6. I'm sold.

  7. That looked like Lego star wars….

  8. how do u find instruction or manual for the games? I can't find it for deer hunter 2014

  9. Sorry but horrible review. You never once showed the game controller so how can you review it if you don't even have it? You never even play any games either. Keep this review for what it is, a review of the Amazon tv. No where do you show off the gaming capabilities or even the controller. That'd be like reviewing an Xbox without showing the controller or games

  10. Great review. Wondering about this gaming edition. Might end up just using an older laptop as my "cutting the cord" box. Not sure though!

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