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PS Vita Slim Full Review 2015-2016!

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  1. Jerry Thewizdube

    thanks You helped to buy from the store game thanks

  2. I'm getting one of these soon solely for MGS1, 2 and 3…

  3. the fit and finish of the graphics Sony put on that case are absolutely terrible. I saw frayed edges, overlapping pictures and wrinkles in most of the body. it looks like an unfinished prototype or a Chinese reproduction. You can tell a lot about a company by the build quality.

  4. ps vita is a must buy for me. why? for sword art online: lost song and ordinal scale plus god eater 2 rage burst. that's all. in asian countries, ps vita is still selling constantly

  5. Does this stream PS4 games well??? I wanted to use it for Uncharted 4 multiplayer will it work?

  6. Daniel McMahon

    Maybe if Sony ever releases another handheld gaming device, they could put it on a highly modified version of android, allowing it to have the latest software in youtube etc…
    whether they will release a new handheld is questionable though.

  7. Cheshire Billy

    i am a huge fan of the vita and i personally feel bad for it because it could have easily beaten the 3ds. Imagine the tripple a tittles the vita could have had, games like black ops 1 and 2, the batman arkham games, fallout games, skyrim, maybe even gta 5 if porting it correctly. Sony had such a big opportunity with the vita but not even they showed any interest in it

  8. whats that song for the intro?

  9. can I download Android games like on a phone? Thinking if I should get this for my kids. 5 and 6. or just get them tablets? love the price on these.

  10. Link for that skin plz

  11. Journey Gelilang

    i still prefer the original ones i hope they upgrade it.

  12. velasquez 。。

    where did u buy the skin link pls

  13. velasquez 。。

    where can i buy ps vita slim not on ebay link pls

  14. MIDI音楽男

    got an xbox ad before watching this

  15. Why did you ruin your vita with that shitty cover? It literally looks like paper.

  16. I had a PS1 and a PS2 then I switched to Xbox I think I might start going back to PS

  17. What version does the psvita 2000 JP come with?

  18. I always wanted a ps vita slim

  19. I subscribe

  20. I went to buy this to a sony showroom/outlet .
    They said they dont have niether ps vita nor ps vita slim.. not even psp.
    So bro. from where can I buy it? I want this colour only..

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