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$5800 Ultimate Gaming PC – Time Lapse Build

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  1. If he used EVGA SC 1080 it would have Been better

  2. corre el mainkrah :v??

  3. AtOmiC critical

    I would do anything for that pc which is a work of art

  4. i subrbed

  5. I wish I had all of this stuff. I would like to airbrush the internals to look like a lightning bolt coming from the power supply and radiating over all the different pieces. The lightning would also glow and stand out under a black light.

  6. just came here for dreaming

  7. Hey man I subscribed u.

  8. And i am still using a dual core with 2gb ram and geforce 210 Oh gosh !!!!

  9. satisfying

  10. LOVE the spray paint 😉

  11. Single Pringle

    Why are there barely any Green PC parts

  12. still cant play purble place at a decent 60 fps

  13. thomas kiggins

    is it just me or does the flute in this song sound like a chill version of mask off?

  14. amazing intro

  15. i've seen this video 15 times

  16. Somehow you can buy lots of doritos and pepsi with that.

  17. Mr. Magnificent

    sigh! I have $98… 🙁

  18. This computer will support over 30 tabs of porm open while playing any game at max settings. and a tab for roblox. 😂

  19. i love the design

  20. i wish i had enough money to make something like this

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