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Playstation Vue Fire TV / Fire TV Stick Review

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  1. just started PlayStation Vue on the PS4 they must have updated it since this video you could now fast forward and Rewind television shows

  2. Would the brand new edition of the Fire TV Stick be an upgrade over PS3? I have choppy streaming on PS3 so I'm looking for something that streams Vue much better.

  3. how do you install the PS Vue app on the fire TV (not stick) I can't find it anywhere

  4. What about Apple TV and Android TV?

  5. ChenowethRules

    How is PlayStation Vue's performance on a Roku streaming box by comparison? One of our TVs was purchased back in 2007 and doesn't have a USB port for our Fire TV Stick, which we already have plugged into another TV. I'm tossing around the idea of canceling our cable TV service with Spectrum/Time Warner and getting PlayStation Vue, but am wondering if it's worth some of the extra hassles (i.e. the recent removal of Viacom channels, only having one local channel available through the service, needing an antenna to pick up other local channels, etc.)

  6. Nick, Thanks for this info. This was published 2016, but your using all first gen Fire sticks/TV?
    I ordered 3 sticks and one 2nd gen Fire TV. My sticks have arrived but Fire TV is on backorder.

    My ticker is not bad, it is smoother than yours after a few minutes.
    Do you know if maybe the 2015 fire tv is 60fps? I was kinda hoped it would be.
    Is there a way I can check the frame rates?

  7. I have Vue for FireTV Stick, but as you noted it is PAINFULLY slow. So slow I'm considering buying a Fire TV. Worth it?

  8. i absolutely love the Playstation vue. only issue i had wasn't with the vue at all but with my wireless router. bought a new router and boom hd tv in 3 rooms for $55 a month! and it is also mobile. I tell everyone about the Playstation vue. great review it was because of it i have a fire stick on two of my tvs that get minimal use, and at no additional charge! playstation vue is legit.

  9. How is the latest Fire TV for fast forwarding? Do you get a picture or just a time line?

  10. What about the Boomerang channel pal.

  11. The newest Fire TV and Fire Stick are 60 FPS, correct? So this issue has been resolved?

  12. Another good review man!

  13. Jonathan Davis

    have you tested the new fire stick with the old

  14. Does it make sense to update your review or note in the description that Fire TV now (for at least a month) runs at 60 FPS?

  15. What channels do the fire tv one with ? & can i use ps vue on 2/3 devices such as playstaion 3/4 ?

  16. The New York Hustle

    I had PlayStation vie on fire tv always having buffering issues had to cancel. now use sling tv on fire tv runs 100 times better

  17. Just finished the trial and was impressed, but it was apparent that my 1st generation Fire Stick wasn't going to cut it, but I was still willing to break from Directv. However, after beating back the initial rep and her offers, they called back with an offer I couldn't refuse. But this gives me time to get three Fire TV's, hopefully Black Friday, and wire Ethernet throughout the house. Looking forward to Vue ironing out some of the kinks, i.e. having the wrong local Fox Sports for my area.

  18. Hi, Nick. Great video. Quick question for you. What do you think would be the best way to use PS Vue with 5 TVs? We currently have a Verizion FIOS cable subscription that we pay way to much for. I know that PS4 and the Amazon Fire TV seem to be the best to use with Vue, but does that mean that I'd have to buy 5 Fire TVs? I already have a chromecast, but I've seen some people say that Vue with Chromecast is not the best. I also do not currently own a PS4. Any tips?

  19. PinnacleStudioPro

    I wish the Roku had this interface

  20. If I have Amazon Prime, is PS Vue included? Also, can I use my Amazon log in on the PS3?

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