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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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  1. Stewart Russell

    The gaming industry as a whole is circling the drain. What happened to polished good games.

  2. ThePowerhousePotato!

    On PC I really like this game. 2 1080's SLI never below 80FPS 1440p

  3. I would like to know your opinoin about Dragon Quest Heroes II, is it worth getting?

  4. Forgot to mention the fact if you dont have a PS4 Pro you really struggle to get a shot past 500m with a 10x scope trophy as the render distance is only around 450m at best

  5. Your reviews continue to impress me.

  6. I just rented it and wow….this game is garbage. There are far better games worthy of your time and money. Just don't even bother with this shit.

  7. dawid bolewski

    I love games poland production ^_^

  8. hate how when you shoot someone in the head there is no blood on the head no damage they look like they fell asleep on the ground im going to pass wait till its cracked

  9. Played the Beta, instant nope

  10. BestInTheWorld

    we in 2017 why does this game look like a 360/ps3 game

  11. ACG are you gonna do a review for Syberia 3 ?

  12. will you be reviewing outlast 2

  13. NHNGCorpsmanHusky

    "Fuck this particular place" that's it I'm subscribing

  14. william Werner

    Is better to buy sniper elite 4

  15. Nelson Perrott

    Great review, very informative…subbed

  16. +ACG Please re-review rainbow six siege Iv been told it's gotten way better since release with an even higher player base
    but I want a real review

  17. I never heard of this dude's channel, but I'm glad I found it. does he ever go back to a previous review and update said review based on good, or bad, changes in the game?

  18. Shitty reviews for this game aside, I'm enjoying the fuck out of this game. Yeah it has some bugs, that will most likely get fixed, but damn its enjoyable. BTW I'm playing it on PS4 Pro.

  19. Dr.Moxmo Readings

    I mean…. This is the first FPS I've played that gives an accurate representation of what would happen if you took a 50. Caliber shot to the good ole' melon. (Hint, you don't just fall to the ground and say "OWW!") I still have a horrid case of buyer's remorse though with this one….

  20. A game might buy if i see it for cheap in the recycle bin

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