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Skate Xbox 360 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. GiantPizzaSunset

    This game was the main reason I bought a 360 back in 2007

  2. The geniuses in the comments complaining about pushing mongo. X'D

  3. NintendoBoxLover_64

    Those were the days….

  4. Im dying for a new gen skate._. I literally think about it on a daily basis

  5. Low Budget Productions

    "riding down stairs and manualing down hubbas" this guy obviously doesn't skate

  6. Please stop pushing mongo.

  7. Reptar the Gnar

    skate 1 is the skateboarder's videogame. 1 had the mechanics. 2 had the spots. 3 was well rounded, but eh..

  8. Jamaican MeCrazy

    I was the best

  9. Only skaters can play this game good imo,these guys don't know what to do lol and he's pushing mongo

  10. Dylan Heffernan

    If only it was on pc.

  11. Myrtle Sebastian

    Wears an N.W.A. Shirt while N.W.A. Plays in the background…

  12. EA Skate is one of the worst games ever. don't crash the game i swear to god. your in for a world of hate. one franchise that will piss you off.

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  14. Funny thing is this is the best IGN video yet, and it was 4 years ago.

  15. Nonstop Player

    Whoever was playing must realy like pop shuvits

  16. This was the shit! Good memories also the only game to have NWA!

  17. That mongo push tho

  18. whatyall talmbout

    Still the best one in the series

  19. John Seminario

    God help the hopeless son of a bitch who was playing during this review. One more mongo push and I swear to God…

  20. who ever was playing during the reveiw sucks

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