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PS Vita Review: Call of Duty Declassified

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  1. The Vapeoholic

    Oh god a man with vocal fry. Wtf dude. Speak like a fucking man

  2. Looks like it plays decently

  3. Hearmoni Hanafi

    The game is so fun

  4. I like the game. It's a fun.

  5. bad graphics for vita

  6. corderro griffiths

    Add me buj20

  7. I wish zombies were on it 🙁

  8. is it still alive

  9. can it be played with online with black ops 1 and 2

  10. the guy talked shit the games is actually decent


    any xombies

  12. Very helpful thanks

  13. its shit

  14. what q shit game campain doesnt make sence and is shit the online cuts out and takes long to lode

  15. matt steenberge

    Call of Duty Declassified is my only Vita game and I like it. But, it frequently drops from multiplayer games, about 1/2 of the games I play will either drop in the middle of the game or start loading the game and say "saving…" then exit game before letting me play. Is this an issue with the game or my Wifi settings?

  16. that nuketown looks better

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