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PlayStation 4 Review

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  1. Is this video even worth posting? What a pathetic way of trying keep sony
    in the picture as their only biggest first party release “LittleBigPlanet”
    was a joke in itself that they probably drew straws for who was the unlucky
    bastard who had to review it, and on top of that Sony couldn’t manage to
    get 2d side scrolling game on shelves without bugs. This is just as sleezy
    and fanboyish media bias just like that series of videos Gamestop
    introduced starting with “Is it time to get a PS4?” this bs is all to
    accomodate Sony instead of calling them out for their bs like EuroGamer
    did, I know ponies can be blindly inlove (stupidly inlove in most cases)
    but my god you are supposed to be a proffesional media publication, please
    do your jobs properly and leave your subjective caps at home.

  2. Lol look at all them sony haters coming by just to drop them tears off!!!
    Knowing for a fact the PS4 has better hardware and games look better all
    they can do is mention lame exclusives lololol. Who cares long as the big
    AAA titles are here you trashbox fangirls can enjoy your master glitch
    collection and your sunset overhype

  3. I own every console and I have to honestly say PS4 has been the biggest let
    down in recent console history for me.
    I honestly only used it about 6-7 times in a year and my PS Plus expired
    and I don’t even care about renewing it unless PS Plus actually gives us a
    decent game instead of indies. There is just very little reason for me to
    use it. No games and sub par online service….I’m sorry if my opinion
    offends you, but I speak the truth. The best exclusive PS4 has is Infamous
    and it isn’t even that good…. I do however have some hope for PS4 in
    2015. Bloodborne will be a great start to the year in March….

  4. PS4 Review: It doesn’t have to resort to begging and weekly fire sales for
    people to want it. 

  5. jake bays the legend

    no good exclusives this holiday and shit online with shitty indies, ps4 is

    xbox sales tripled and outsold ps4 almost 2 to 1 in the us again and passed
    the wii u lifetime sales

  6. A year later and it’s still nothing but a bunch of hype and
    disappointments. The PS4 is the same exact thing as it was a year earlier
    while the Xbox one got better every month. 😉 

  7. Ps4 just keeps getting better & better , the best exclusives , the best
    console , the best graphics & the best way to play games on a great console
    that can run 1080p 60fps , unlike brickBox one that is so huge and useless
    & cant run 1080p , with shitty exclusives & a price cut after price cut
    shows how desperate Microsoft is because its losing to the mighty ps4 ,
    have fun playing gaylo that doesnt work properly xfags

  8. EMAX (boyejoboy)

    “suffering to provide games that gives a next gen feel” so you guys are
    just gonna act like Killzone shadowfall, Infamous second son, First light,
    TLOUR and driveclub doesnt exist….

  9. PSN servers are still messed up. Most of the time it takes 4-6 mins for a
    1kb message to load, servers go down with almost every release of a new
    game, game patches and firmware updates always screwing something up. The
    PS4 needs a lot of work, it seems like Sony employed the most incompetent
    devs out there to work for them and it’s pretty fucking sad!

  10. A mastery of a year. Dumb Xtards would never understand true quality.

  11. michael laliberte roy

    My life between the PlayStation and Xbox.

    Starts off with me finishing my tiny GameCube and moving on to PS. I was in
    love with the first PS, I wanted the PS2. The PS2 was my love and joy,
    hearts and roses, my nice cold ice tea. Couple months ago I quit the PS2
    because it broke and moved on to PSP but, but…… I broke the PSP cause
    it sucked, jk I lost it…… But then my family bought a 360 and I, OMG I,
    I, I, I was so f**king happy! It was so awesome that I forgot about PS.
    2012- I got a PS3 for Christmas and I was so happy, thought I’ll never see
    another PS again but I was wrong.
    8 months later…. I am so f**king done with PS, the PS3 sucks, it’s just a
    cheap little b**ch. I loved it but now f**k it. So I’m done with Sony’s
    sh*ttys PS inventions and stick with Xbox my whole life. So I bought an
    Xbox One and OMG you guys, how can you hate this machine, it’s so f**king

  12. StressFreeGaming

    PC>PS4=Xbox One>Wii U. We all know PC is the best. PS4 and Xbox One are
    both great just get the one whose exclusives you prefer. Wii U is gimmicky
    joke with nothing to offer besides over rated exclusives.


  14. Verdict: No point of owning a PS4 right now. Exclusive are on their PS3 and
    no games. Shitty PSN. To top it off you’re buying a product from Sony the
    company that won’t be here in 15 years tops.

  15. Justin Creighton-Emmer

    a year later and i’m still not convinced to get a ps4 I find most of there
    exclusives boring except uncharted and even the third game had a lack
    luster story i’m leaning more towards a xone to me it has better features
    and exclusives two things I consider most when buying a new console

  16. OpenSeasonOn Xbots

    Ps4 the greatest device for playing games of all time.

  17. Bought my PS4 in March and it was cool at the beginning but I feel I should
    have bought an Xbox One instead. I feel they have better exclusives out
    right now and Sony just….doesn’t have any really (at least ones that
    interest me). I really hope they get their act together because I still
    think they are riding their ego train of e3 2013. 

  18. To the Xbots who say PS4 has no games,
    All you kids have got are extremely forgettable exclusives like Sunset
    Overhype and Titanfail, and The Master Shit collection which doens’t even
    work due to Xbox LIVE’s poor service – not to mention the frame drops
    (they’re old games and Xbox One still can’t handle 60fps lol)
    PS4 has big games coming 2015 that aren’t rushed like Micro$oft’s. All the
    Lunchbox One has is Halo 5 which looks like a poor COD Advanced Warfare.

  19. PS4 has gotten better and better this year by getting amazing exclusives
    and worthwhile indies. The only cons are Driveclub and Knack. Litterbox
    One’s pros…uh…there is none. But here are cons:

    Price drop after price drop
    Kinect drop
    Shit multiplat graphics
    Shit exclusives
    A flopped flagship game
    Unneeded updates

    Lmao. PS4 won this year. Need some pretzels with that salt, Xbots?

  20. Honestly if you buy xbone over PS 4 just to play a casual pathetic shit
    milked game like FIfa you have brain damage.
    Lets go into the fact about why PS 4 is better.
    1. better and 50% stronger hardware
    2. Much more innovated controller that feel really great to play any game on
    3. Exclusives are quality and not half ass rushed out to sell units like
    cough xbone cough
    4. a more mature and epic community
    5. Less CoD players the better
    6. not focusing on MLG CoD or Fifa like xbox is doing with so much casual
    fake gamers who go by K/D and not skills.
    7. 3rd party games are better optimized on PS 4
    8. 1080P and 60 FPS on all games unlike that poor 720P and 30 FPS
    9. never went retarded with DRM, always online or forcing a stupid spy cam
    of doom kinect to come with the console for 100$ wasted money.
    10. Uncharted and the last of us boom owned xbots.
    Buy PS 4 and you be a real gamer or be casual and fake and buy that VCR
    with no games xbone.

  21. So the PS4 got 8.4/10…well I wonder how much they will give to the

  22. Oh my Gosh, if the X-box Ones Review is Higher then I’m done with IGN

  23. NEW Reggie Fils-Aime - RGE

    And PovertyStation4 is still shit as well as the ShoeBox One.

  24. the ps4 is a huge disappointment for me. There are no exciting games,
    everything feels old, there are no triple a games that shine. I have a ps4
    and a wii u, my ps4 is covered in dust while my wii u is always on: smash
    bros, mario kart, super mario 3d world, pikmin 3, wind waker, hyrule
    warriors… All fun, original and feel-good games!!

  25. I look in the comment section and i am ashamed to call myself a gamer now.
    Ya’ll a bunch of immature people. Arguing about which box of plastic is
    better? Really? 

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