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Original DS Review

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Super Mario Series Cosplay goods (Wario & Waluigi Style Cap Yellow & Purple)

  • Super Mario Series Cosplay goods
  • Size ・Free Size
  • Material ・Polypropylene
☆★Super Mario Series Cosplay goods★☆

This item is Mario series cosplay cap.

You can put on this cap in event and party.



  1. Wow you got it in 2012 ( how did you get it at that time), I got mine in 2005

  2. saofan_gaming reborn

    I think id rather get the ds lite

  3. the original DS had a bad back light compared to the DS lite but it is a lot more durable than the DS lite is.

  4. get a fucking tripod

  5. i have one of those except its silver

  6. Is it worth 20eur?

  7. Matthew Schultz

    How's the D-pad?

  8. is it autocorrect typo

  9. how much us it typo

  10. Where did u buy this?his much I it..

  11. Dino's Games988

    Damn I miss that big brick DS. Fits the whole GBA games too without it sticking out like on the DS lite

  12. That red looks great. Cool Review of the best handheld ever!

  13. May be it's the DS… in a clamshell

  14. I still use mine to play gba games

  15. aaaaahhhhh………. memories of you're childhood the Nintendo DS


  17. TheMudkipGamingNation


  18. estaba un videojuego largo con lo que me dio

  19. Kyledafisherman 1234

    the 3ds xl is the best, im getting one.

  20. Wavy Chris Gaming

    You like this more than the DS Lite? I guess it's true that no matter how shitty something is, statistically someone HAS to like it.

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