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Razer Blade (2014) 14″ Gaming Laptop First Hands-on

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  1. Reinhardt Lohengram

    5 milion subscribers and only 60k viewws looooool

  2. How much are these cuz I need one for a project

  3. The Aorus X3+ is better than this anyways.

  4. Chris Wheatley

    Can you add a 2nd SSD like you could in the 2013 model?

  5. Some people say its 29,99 and some say its 2k and over WHATS THE REAL PRICE?????

  6. Some people say its 29,99 and some say its 2k and over WHATS THE REAL PRICE?????

  7. watching this on my new razer blade XD so good except can't use photoshop cs6 the resolution is too high for the gui

  8. Good bye house, hello Razer Blade ;D 

  9. vloosh

  10. Incredibly powerful but the price will make me bankrupt. XD

  11. DutchEastIndianApplePie

    +IGN Please do a full review for the 2014 updated Razer Blade. Pleeeeaaassee!

  12. Where the full review?

  13. Why is it only running 30-40 fps when he shows the little clip of sleeping dogs? 

  14. I WANT THIS SO BAD! Im currently saving up my money for this and you guys are getting me soooo exited 3200pX1800!!!! WAT!?? Omg im soo exited mabye even get it this summer!! WOOOOO

  15. im on vaction and i need a good gaming laptop what should i get??

  16. This would be my dream laptop, if only the price was more like 1499 then 2399. But I guess you get what you pay for.

  17. Even this is really a cool laptop, I still prefer a self-built desktop for its higher power because I don't want to buy a whole new gaming laptop every fucking time I find myself hardly enjoying new games because the lack of performance(highest settings all the way except AA) of the machine just in one or two years.

    And yes, upgrade gaming laptop's gpu is going to cost you a lot more than buying a decent or top tier gpu, not to mention that many gaming laptops cannot upgrade their gpu.

    Sent from Kremlin 

  18. Honestly, a touchscreen is totally unnecessary but eh. Still cool

  19. I want to also add another comment after reading some of the comments on this video. 

    Why are people comparing this laptop to a gaming rig? Seriously? Laptops will always cost more than a desktop. You can basically spend $700 on a desktop and the specs will be better than a laptop worth more than $800+. 

    A laptop is always more expensive than a desktop, period. The materials that goes into making a thin laptop that holds this much power will cost money. There isn't one laptop out there that cost less and its faster than a desktop. 

    But is the Razer Blade 2014 expensive? Yes. Is it overpriced? Maybe. MSI GS70 Stealth Pro carries the same GTX 870M, however it also carries a faster processor, more ram and SDD + HDD. And, this cost $1.8K, which I think is a reasonable price. Now, you have to ask yourself: "is the extra $400 dollars worth it" for the Razer Blade 2014. You do get a better resolution, touchscreen, lighter weight, and its thinner. 

  20. For the diptard that claims the MacBook Pro upgrades their GPU once a year from 650M to 750M. You are just a stupid Apple fanboy. The MacBook Pro uses a GT card, not a GTX. The Blade uses a GTX. Do you understand the difference? GTX > GT. Also, for kicks, the GT750 model that Apple sells cost $2,599. Around the same price frame but a much shittier GPU. And, Apple fans don't have clear logic, so let me explain this to you. When or IF Apple upgrades to a GTX card, their MacBook Pro pricing will likely shoot up to 3K. You can't reason with stupid. 

    For an Apple "Fan boy", you dont know shit. Lol. I'm typing you this comment on a MacBook Pro too. I know Apple's place in the gaming segment. They are trash. MacBook Pro = Decent for College. Trash for games. 

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