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Thrustmaster T300 RS Playstation 3 Review

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  1. Emanuel Morén

    Which is best this or the T500 rs??

  2. Veigar's Twitchy Hand

    How does the dual belt pulley drive compare to the t150 combined gear and belt system, Is it smoother, lighter, more natural? I need to justify the extra cost.
    I liked the t150 but it doesn't feel really natural. It has a sort of clunkiness to it, I don't' know if its attributed to the gears resistance.
    I know im not gonna get a true car feel w/any of these wheels but if its that much smoother i'm sold.

  3. TheWickedGeniuses

    you guys just helped me so much in makeing my decision, thank you

  4. Darron Collins

    Will you be doing a PS4 review for then t300?

  5. can someone answer this, does anyones wheel come out of the socket easily? Im thinking my wheel might be broken

  6. Martin Bezecný

    11:16 "Table clamp works fucking great?"

  7. Paulo Estriga

    Have they changed the pedals since you made this review? Because now they announce the brake pedal to be progressive, I assume like the T150 pedals I have that have a rubber damper inside the brake pedal that makes the end of the range a bit stiffer…

  8. We're is the cheapest place I can buy this from?

  9. Someone PLEASE answer i need help, i have not found anything about my problem. I have the T300 GTE (same as T300 RS) and when i play GT6 everything is fine except when i am driving in a straight line when i'm holding it or not the steering wheel goes back and forth for no reason. I have the latest drivers installed, Firmware 25 and have it on ps3 mode. Is there something wrong/that i am doing wrong, or is my wheel broken??? THIS ALSO HAPPENS ON PROJECT CARS ESPECIALLY IN F1 CARS.

  10. himmelsturmerIX

    can the paddle be modified to age progression? I mean homemade mod, not commercial.

  11. why are you not making a review of at the thrustmaster t150 on PS3?

  12. EA - Enormous Assholes ™

    Does anyone else have the issue where in game, the wheel won't stay straight and starts swaying from side to side?

  13. I love my T300rs but been struggling to get it recognised in F1 2010-2013. Wondering if anyone could shed some light on a fix for me.

  14. John Mckillop

    The last wheel I bought was for PS2 and felt flimsy. How durable are these wheels. Does it allow you to fight the forceback at all? I don't want to spend £300 on something then to break it soon after. I'd love something durable and comfortable that allows me to play without risk of breaking by turning the wheel

  15. Hi all. I am looking for a rig that does ps3 and ps4 and includes a gear stick. Can someone help?

  16. saludos una sugerencia deberian grabar los videos con subtitulos en español para los que no hablamos en ingles es muy necesario para para nosotros gracias saludos

  17. has the issue regarding gt6 losing the degrees of rotation setting been resolved yet?

  18. Dave Imagamegeek

    Had this wheel a week absolutely love it , I find the rim more solid compared to the TX1 , main wheel now for my PS3 and PS4. Nice review Daren.

  19. Dave Imagamegeek

    Had this wheel a week absolutely love it , I find the rim more solid compared to the TX1 , main wheel now for my PS3 and PS4. Nice review Daren.

  20. TheOztrazine

    Good review, Buying one as a result seeing as Logitech have refused to support Pre G29 race wheels on the PS4. After using Logitech wheels for 15yrs it's a sad day. This review was just what I was looking for.

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