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Guy is Tricked Into Thinking Original XBOX is an XBOX One

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  1. Tuumba Haydar

    This Guy is so fucking retarded ;DDDDDD

    He also got scammed so hard XDDDDD

  2. The Computer

    Hot Gay Mess 69

  3. It's not xbox one it's the first xbox made because why would you play vice city on xbox one and I have it it does not have that

  4. xbox one gamer

    when he said to the dog i onow it cool chil the dpg was saying no you stupid this is not xbox one its the first ever xbox they ever made go buy an xbox one im even clever than u

  5. galaxydog fromvenus

    wtfrick lol he is dumb

  6. Frenzy Commander


  7. unknown user 1245377-,4

    this dude is a dumbass lol

  8. Odejesus Mendez

    you dumb

  9. TheDiamondAssassin TDA

    You're a fucken idiot

  10. If he loves this I wanna see the real xbox one

  11. loko van grubershmit

    the real xbox one

  12. gamingboy366

    you can tell he is taking it

  13. The Diamond Dog

    My dad and my mom would make this mistake lol

  14. Alex Vazquez

    Is this guy dumb

  15. I Got Joshua

    um that's not a Xbox one

  16. Luke Westphal

    What an idiot, its clearly Color TV game 6 from 1977.

  17. grant martin

    lol thats a playstation stupid idiot

  18. Jaquita Thompson

    …I Want whatever DRUG he ON !!! 🙌😭👻

  19. this guy is acting like he has never played a game (specifically a 3D game) before



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