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Xbox 360 E Review!

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  1. will the Xbox 360 games work on 360e

  2. Is this the regular xbox like are all games available on itlike fifa??? Pls reply

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  4. Jacob Pohlabel

    First mistake for any Xbox 360 owner: Placing it sideways. I always keep it flat on the surface to ensure nothing happens. 
    As for the console itself. If it can take my old Xbox 360 elite's hard drive, I'd be sure to pick it up.

  5. That's funny I had the MW2 edition then I Upgraded to the E whenever I got the red ring for the third time

  6. Patrick Star

    Is the E model newer or older than the slim? Because I've heard people say the E is newer but the slim looks way better.

  7. Dude there was the 360 elite, the 360 s, and the 360 e. The e was the upgraded version of the s.

  8. Why would you try and scare folks by saying the E is only good for a year or two without factual data to back that up? The insides are near identical to the slim and people have been gaming on tbe slim for years with no issue.

  9. WhoreToA Chainsaw

    I can't even use the decent headset with the system I have to use the cheap $20 ones f**** sucks

  10. im getting a xbox e for christmas

  11. Nicolas Whitelight

    I have one and it never gave me a problem

  12. Ryan Vinikoor

    i have the xbox 360 e and it kicks me offline so much more than i used to with my old console

  13. Daniel Bielawski

    I used ps3 since I was a kid, but I went to friends house and he had an Xbox and the controller was SO much better and I really like the system, and I got used to it right away. Should I get an Xbox 360 now and change my advanced warfare preorder or just stick with ps3 for one more cod?? If so what's the best deal for an Xbox 360 e or slim??

  14. Gaming,Tech and More

    #No life

  15. Hey bro. Just wanted to know what is the difference apart from the design?

  16. Hey man do you want me to make you the same intro i have because yours is out of date and your better then that 🙂
    Also do you want to network because you have like 1 more sub then me

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