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Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) Review

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  1. RedThunderGaming

    I Remember First Getting Mario Kart 8 Back In 2014. I really enjoyed it quite a bit and I remember getting the DLC Packs shortly after. I know I am looking forward To Mario Kart 8 Deluxe On The Nintendo Switch.

  2. robloxfan2005

    the coin item is also in the snes one but atleast it is not as common

  3. WiiamGamer55

    I am glad you gave battle mode a chance at least. I personally love MK8 Battle mode however I do prefer arena maps but race tracks map are fun to me. They give a new layer of strategy to the game which one example is by making green shells more dangerous on the tracks. My main concerned with MK8 battle mode was the lacking in game modes. It would be nice to at least have coin runners. The best part about MK8 battle mode is the gameplay. It mixes the old MK elimination battle elements with the point system elements from the recent Mk titles. It has a perfect balance with good amount of options.

  4. I agree with the coin item!! This just happened to me. This could be because I'm not the best at Mario Kart but it's something worth mentioning. I was playing 100cc and I was in first place everything was going well until I got the coin item as I was about to get hit by a red shell. I got hit and then I went from 1st place to 5th place because I got hit by other items afterwards. I hate the coin item with all of my heart!!

  5. Blue Greninja HD

    I have this game

  6. BattleBlockSuperior

    Dang it they stole the anti gravity from crash bandicoot, the wheels are even the same… Somewhat

  7. Gonzo Indigenous One

    Are you Native American?

  8. I do love this game and you did not complain as much as some bad reviewers!!!

  9. It`s a really good review!

  10. bruce Camargo

    great review i love Mario Kart 8 this is the best racing game on the Wii u if you own a Wii u and like racing games get this game i give Mario Kart 8 a 10/10 and its a great racing game to play on the Wii u period

  11. pandaforeverone

    this felt like a review for both mk wii and mk 8! Also + 1 for no more skits!

  12. Clyde Kovolasky

    Please review Mario party 6!!!

  13. Great review.

  14. MusicForever

    I don't understand Nintendo's obsession with the Kooplings when they have so many better and more varied characters. This game is great however, except the battle mode.

  15. I wouldnt of minded all the babies etc if nintendo included diddy kong, birdo, king boo, hammer bro, petey piranha, bowser jr.

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