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The Darkness Playstation 3 Game Review

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  1. Stuff Done Right

    360 version played much much better, and per usual love your video!!

  2. Yurgen Véliz

    I played this on my Xbox and it's one of my favourite shooters, and the story… the story… god, the story… the ending it made me cry a little, it's so beautiful. This game should be on PC!!!

  3. theoroinvictus

    6:20 on the attention to detail, another really small thing I liked that added even more of a real feeling to the world was that those posters in the subway stations would actually change as you went through the story. really bummed this game never got a good PC version, extra bummer as it was only console exclusivity contracts that kept it there. the starbreeze engine already worked quite well on PC with the chronicles of riddick games

  4. Thepnastyone

    Ps3 versions Had a crap load of problems.

  5. I really hope they remaster this and the darkness 2 for ps4 , Xbox one and pc at some point

  6. Indigo Gaming

    This was probably my favorite first person shooter campaign on the 360. The atmosphere and cool factor, with Mike's chilling The Darkness dialogue — just so great. I don't think the 360 version had the technical issues the PS3 did, unless I'm mistaken. I'd say Bioshock might be a contender, but despite the fantastic setting, the story in that is basically a rethemed System Shock 2.

  7. God damn that framerate :-/

  8. Crocmaster McGeezax

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the sequel. I would say the gameplay is more polished but the heart is gone, no pun intended. It's way too much like a 90s comic book for my tastes.

  9. Crocmaster McGeezax

    360 version doesn't really have frame rate issues iirc. Maybe when you use Black Hole.

  10. I loved this game, such a great story, too bad they changed the VA in the sequel.

  11. jackthegamer

    it actually can vary from each version of console, on the original ps3 or fat ps3, its pretty terrible, on the slim it get better but it still as some issue and i tried on the super slim and i got no issue playing the game !

  12. Awesome review. Will you be review The Darkness 2?

  13. Cody Marshall

    I teared up at the end. I didn't want to wake up.

  14. 26DeislerFCB

    this game looks so horrible on my 55" tv there is no antialaising at all, your review will keep me playing it

  15. LakesideAmusementPro

    360 version is much better than this PS3 one. It looks like they phoned in the PS3 version.

  16. The 360 version still runs pretty horrid.

  17. Sucks there was never a PC version

  18. TheManWithNoName

    Damn, already eight years since I played this game. Really loved the story, visuals gameplay, overall atmosphere and voice acting. No technical problems on Xbox 360.

  19. indominus/Toothless/dragon vore lover

    should be remastered

  20. i love the shit out of this game its sooo fucking good

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