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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: Review (Xbox One)

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  1. Terrible game

  2. "Crappy reviews" is exactly what it says it is.

  3. Fallout3476v2

    This is probably the best criticism I can give him he needs a script so he doesn't say the same things and always saying um uh yea

  4. Mykel Thomas

    Not really the best Star Wars game I finished the story on Nintendo 3ds and it was ok

  5. TheTruckDrivingGamer! !

    May The 4Th Be With You! 😂

  6. Space Barbarian

    One of the best Star Wars games. Good video.785/20

  7. Today is my birthday XD

  8. The original game had dynamic v-sync, but through emulation, the game on Xbox One runs w/a locked v-sync, so this version has zero screen-tearing.

  9. That resolution sucks PlayStation is better.

  10. Phobos_Walker

    7.75 out of 20 aka IGN CrapGamer reviews lol.

  11. try hard fan

    I got the Platinum Trophy in this and The Force Unleashed 1. I really hope for a 3rd game but I doubt that's happening.

  12. CampbellSoups

    7.75/20 thats a bad score

  13. swordcrafter craftis

    I wish I had a xbox

  14. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is underrated. It has a few small issues due to the publisher's rushing the studio. Despite that, It was a great time.

    Wish a 3rd game would get made, without being rushed

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