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Classic Game Room HD – Wii SPORTS GOLF review

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  1. Nice golf toons wish they were in the actual game

  2. Annalise Bakunas

    birlde and cheer 1:17

  3. Annalise Bakunas

    out of bounds 2:49

  4. ciaran yuill

    +TheNoahJohn97 yeah, if you don't play it alot

  5. TheNoahJohn97

    wii golf is hard

  6. Jesse Ketman

    What was that song? Was that off the new Truxton album? Man, that Wind Squid EP just rips.

  7. supercrapnstuff11

    An 8 minute review of golf, this'll be good!

  8. Jam35Var1ety

    lol oh yeah. you're right.

  9. alexis livia


  10. lazarosparks

    1997…… 'nuff said

  11. Joaq Wizard Phoenix

    Did Mark say one course looks like Minas Tirith?

  12. Then you got issues with CGRHD. Stop complaining and watch the reviews. We have one critic already and he's pretty awesome in my opinion.

  13. I guess you got issues then, because when the wii first came out 480p was considered high definition. It still is because it's a technical programming rather than just making everything 1080p. If you really want to get anal about this 720p is the truest high definition. 1080p is just a marketing scheme.

  14. It's a definition higher than 480i. If you really want to get technical it just means the picture presentation is smoother, the stereo output is more crisp. Plus the overall load time is longer but is more watchable.

  15. How much does a wii controler costs? Thanks!

  16. While this might be a fun game, you can't compare it to the real game where you get exercise from walking, sunshine and fresh air.

  17. Brian Brooks

    Golf and Bowling are also my two favorite games in Wii Sports.

  18. charliekinggolf

    playing in wii is also fun..but you want more physical game like golf try my game!

  19. Cihan Barnett

    Found a cool website where you can order games like these and more dont worry im not spam lol, message me and ill tell you more about it the site is wiigamezone,com I'm tellng you guys about this because i honestly do care about other fellow wii gamers and i strongly support nitendo:) lets beat microsoft together!:)

  20. CPTBEAST 117

    +4 You Suck!

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