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Which Playstation Vita Should You Buy In 2017?

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  1. khaled battah

    i am looking for a PS vita but i am confused about what to buy , Original / Slim
    from your video i found that the fat has a great screen so should i go to buy it i think form Ebay Right?
    or what do you think??

  2. Erik Hernandez

    I want a ps vita 2000 for remote play for ESO

  3. Mega Rayquaza Anora

    I like Vita 1000 because it's much better screen than the 2000 one idk if who agrees,I agree already vote for Vita 1000 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. go ps vita pro 😀

  5. Calvin Williamson

    my opinion if sony would of kept the rca/hdmi connection available like they did in the beginning of psp, they would've sold more units for the sake of traveling and connection to the tv..make the same games available for the vita as the ps1234….THAT alone woulda saved it. i love my vita 1000 and still play it today

  6. Gabriel Nasayao

    I have PSVita 2000, I can say that both are great handheld consoles. But it sucks that Sony wants it dead, like you said. But hey, there's still AAA Developers out there that lift its glory 🙂

  7. La craftalot

    Great video, nice accent.

  8. I'm gonna buy both. Because maybe in the future theirs no more psvita. I want to collect.

  9. Arcaviouse Koay

    Can I have ur 1000 if you don't need it….. Pls

  10. Iván Torres

    What is the theme of your ps vita slim?

  11. AxeCrazyAutobot

    Ironically the Vita is like the Wii U great console with great games if you give it a chance but poorly marketed and everyone takes a dump on it because of bandwagoning.

  12. Dragon_Skull36

    brand new one

  13. Blazing dragon

    Which one should I buy none go buy a switch

  14. bro any diffrence ps vita 2000 and 2006???

  15. What about battery life? Why was that not mentioned?

  16. I highly recommend the PS Vita, especially if you like to emulate older games (will break warranty though). It becomes an emulating machine. There are even ps vita roms you can download now and runs fine on the vita. Only thing you'd have to spend money on is the console it self and memory. But I have gameboy games, N64 games, dreamcast games, ps1 games, ps2 games, ps3 games, psp games, and ps vita games all running on mine.

  17. Well I got a Switch and a Vita in 2017. The Vita is for waiting for the Switch to get games. So far I love the Vita. Gaming on the quality display alone is worth it. I don't even want to pickup my 3DS anymore.

  18. silverss onyoutube

    ive got two oled psvitas i still use mine. i want to get the 2000 model in silver because it looks cool. ive got 64gb memory card.

  19. so ps vita play psp games right???

  20. Mirrorunlimited

    His accent though 😂

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