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Sony PSP Go – The Ultimate Retro Gaming Machine

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  1. De Vlaboer Moedervla

    The PSP go looks so compact and sexy, like a small cute anime girl.
    I always wanted a psp go in the past but I didn't buy one because I wouldn't be able to play my old umd games.

  2. Can you still use the PlayStation Store with the CFW and buy and download games there?
    I just digged out my old PSP 1004 with 5.50 GEN d3, but don't want to upgrade because all these homebrews 😀

  3. after some videos like this one suggesting the go for emulation, i bought one for 55 that was almost brand new and im loving it so far, replaying my old psp games and my beloved psx roms. CF is a must.

  4. Kevin Muldoon

    I have just published a tutorial that shows you how to install emulators and play retro games on the Sony PSP Go. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HYGOQyIQjI 🙂

  5. PepperAnn Tocool

    I bought this with games already on it, thankfully, i haven't had a psp in YEARS i forgot everything honestly

  6. can you make a video on how to install those emulators on psp???

  7. William Marston

    Dude please the accent!!!!!!!!

    It's so alien and by the way what accent is it?!?!

  8. Anyone who has a half decent smartphone can do all the same stuff and more. Psp is extremely outdated now for an emulation machine.

  9. OsamaBinObama

    But steel is eavier than feaders

  10. PSPs in general are excellent portable emulation devices. Recently picked up two from a friend for $15 total since he didn't want them anymore and didn't have games for them, ordered some cheap micro-SD to memory stick converters for like $3 and put some 16GB micro-SD cards in them. The amount of games you can fit onto the thing with even just 16GB is staggering, even full PS1 games when you compress the eboot files. I'll need to experiment with some 64GB and 128GB cards when I can get a hold of some.

    They definitely make great gifts for people that love video games. Made my brother's day when he could play the Metroid series on the go without needing to deal with the awful touch controls of phone emulators.

  11. Its a good retro emulator thats for sure

  12. The psp switch

  13. where do you buy a psp go?

  14. I can't find any reasonably priced PSPs anywhere.

  15. Saba Khodjasteh

    i don't understand a thing

  16. better off getting one of the china made handhelds made for emulator games, better screens and can use normal memory cards

  17. How did you do this ? How did u hack it??? Please tell me

  18. BestOfTheBest

    If you put your gba roms in folders it will work faster as it populates the list every time you open it

  19. Cesar Alvarez

    The awsome part is that you can connect your PS3 or PS4 controller to the PSPGo through Bluetooth!

  20. TheMysteriousKnight

    Yeah over in the UK PSP go's are far more expensive than the standard psps.

    A psp is about £40-£50

    A go is £60-£70

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