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Asus ROG G751 Gaming Laptop Review

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  1. This laptop has a sub mounted underneath and it uses the frame to add "rumble" to the audio. A couple of adjustments will get the sound working better.


    Harry I want recovery this lap I lost my recovery plz plz send me link on media fire to download it

  3. Wolfee GameZ

    Can you upgrade to windows 10

  4. Sebastian Steele

    I have this

  5. I lug the labtop around almost every day trough school and what not and honestly it's not as bad as it seems. the amount of performance you get in this package is worth it to me. I don't really game that much but I run cad on a daily basis and it's just as fast as the towers at my school. all in all its a awsome labtop.

  6. Hello, buy this notebook so its numeric keypad is not working, I do not know if it has any configuration to fix, why I live in Brazil, if you can tell me if there is anything to do the keyboard number of operation, I thank .

  7. Speedez Crack

    Can it run tetris?

  8. FatBoyinChicago oo

    can u run rainbow six siege

  9. Can it run ARK on high settings?

  10. Can anyone recommend a good starter laptop for a console gamer? I own a PS4 and I play mainstream games such as COD, Fallout 4, Overwatch etc. I think the quality on the PS4 is just fine and I was hoping this laptop would be an upgrade or just a good starting laptop.

  11. Can it run overwatch on this

  12. is it touchscreen?

  13. can you run overwatch

  14. can you run witcher 3 on this? with Ultra settings

  15. can you run minecraft on this

  16. The Pirate Peach

    How does it do for VR?

  17. I'm sorry for this annoying question but I'm a PC noobie. Can this run h1z1 king of the kill?

  18. have you ever heard about ASUS GM551JM is it worth 600 dollar used or is that guy trying to scam me. thanks four answer!!!!!!!!

  19. What was the release price?

  20. Kartongs Windows 10 tutorials

    how do i turn the backlight on ?

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