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CGRundertow RESIDENT EVIL 4 HD for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. andre brewer

    it better then Resident Evil 7

  2. john herkert

    I just started playing it tonight on PS3 and I hate the controls. It really took me out of the game, but I will keep playing it

  3. Nathan Jennings

    We're seeing ALOT of this sort of thing from the 7th (PS3/360) gen forward.
    Re-releases of stuff we already have with "HD" or "remastered" tacked on the cover.
    I think I'll just stick with the original stuff I already enjoy.

  4. ned sevensix

    the dude playing the game obviously sucks, u can easily tell

  5. ReginaldHederick

    very poor review

  6. Kinard Trader

    I just brought RE4 for the PS3 I never got to play the Original Gamecube Version because I was into games like Dragon Ball Z, Capcom Vs SNK 2 at the time. so this is new to me

  7. Yeah. You've convinced me.

  8. gabriel sylvestre

    This is the best game I've ever played. Out of everything I've played,…this is the only game I've played the most times out of all games and all systems over the years since I started playing games on the Atari and NES.

  9. steven licari

    Looks better then the wii

  10. Wait..I heard him say costumes and seperate ways..but is there a mercenaries when you beat the game? Im referring to the PS3 version

  11. Gardevoir Trainer

    I think the wii version is the best. It has the visuals and audio of the gc version with a 16 by 9 widscreen aspect ratio. It includes the extras of the ps2 version. It has 3 different controller options in the fom of the wii remote and nunchuck, the classic controller, and the gc controller. It also has tweaks to some of the weapons that the ps2 and gc versions don't have, the most notable example is the prl 412. In the ps2 version it would only hit the enemy you aimed at. In the wii version it would hit everything that was breakable and killable in every direction with just one shot.

  12. Pehsoua Xiong

    Shit man, I beat the game 37 times now.  Haha, I just can't get enough of Mr. Chain Saw and Ashley Calling Leon a Perv!

  13. The Adventure of Sausage Link

    Why the fuck aren't you aiming at the heads?

  14. That Guy ThatWearsClothes

    This game still looks good to me…

  15. PS anniversary sale got it for eight bucks!!!!

  16. Tommy Lee Lynn

    Saying this game has no extras and then listing the extras seems moronic.

  17. Jamie Tattersall

    Got this game cuz I don't have he ps2 anymore and it still scares me, it's one of those campaigns that is worth playing again and again I can't say that for resident evil 5 or 6 but I am looking forward to the remake of resident evil 1 coming out soon, I never got to play that for GameCube

  18. Dark Soldier

    It took me three times to figure out you only need your original 9mm. pistol and regular shotgun to complete the game.

  19. Hey,i can't save charpter or checkpoint in my ps2 memory card.Any idea you have how to save in memory card,please anybody help.

  20. HD just means "running at 720p or 1080p". It does not mean they've added normal mapping or higher resolution textures.

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