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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote (2015) – Full Review! (Kodi, Alexa, Gaming & More!)

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  1. why is there no stop button on the remote?

  2. Hi, Do you have to have cable, comcast or direct tv hook up for this firestick remote control? Does this remote control give me more channels without having a cable?

  3. OndemandinternetTV

    Nice review. Really helpful. I was wondering about the voice part and you answered my questions well. Too bad the voice part isn't better my mom is going blind and I am trying to find a good voice add on for kodi if you know of any or hear about any let me know. thanks. She is currently using comcast X1 box with voice works very well.

  4. Great review, but what about YouTube? I primarily want this for YouTube and I'm interested how well it works. I've seen mixed reviews concerning YouTube and the Fire Stick.

  5. The opening music to this video?…thanks.

  6. Can use the mirroring of the Amazon's fire tv to mirrior my iPad or iPhone ?

  7. Can you still watch reality shows using the fire stick?

  8. Jamison Pendry

    I'm planning to get this Fire TV Stick https://t.co/Yt42b2zOnk

  9. michele hodapp

    Got Nothing

  10. There is no way the back opened that easily.. Please tell us how you opened it.

  11. Johnny Snyder

    what song at the beginning?

  12. Jilvir Paeste

    Can this be controlled with Amazon Echo Dot?

  13. JeanetteJeanette11

    can you review the 2016 fire stick with voice control please?

  14. Amazing review!👍🙌🏼

  15. you kno my steez

    rip gangstar

  16. once you load Kodi on the new firestick then will it let you load any build on it like the beast or titanium? And will it work as good as the old firesticks or better?

  17. thank you so much for this review, I'm disabled so I was looking for the voice command part and you showed it to be nothing that I could use. It's very unfortunate, but it is what it is. Thank you again.

  18. Donald Bourff

    Why every time I've cut my TV on it automatically go to for TV stick

  19. oh also I need to find out how to get Vudu on the Stick

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