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Xbox One – Elite vs Scuf Controller Review

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  1. The Last Guy

    I dont which controller to get…
    Ima get the scorpio when it comes out to play on my brand new tv😂😂just to play 4k battlefield 1
    If ima hav the scorpio i need a badass controller with domed sticks.
    Any recommends??

  2. You buy expensive controllers, but you don't use the paddles? Wtf

  3. backslide311

    none, mouse and keyboard

  4. Emmet Farrell

    How do you break the left bumper off, that's never happened to me

  5. at least this guy is fucking honest AF if u watch any other youtuber they dont tell u what u need ta know. i I'm acutely very happy that I've come across this video

  6. my elite has lasted a long time no problems with it

  7. Had the exact same issue with the elite. Had two btw

  8. Phantom forces Never bored

    I just can't believe xbox have a official scuf ~elite but playstation never

  9. You're so easy to watch. Sub and what!!

  10. daniel ramirez

    I have had the elite controller for months now… 8+ game hours a day.. its still as strong and feels amazing.

  11. KaYoTiiC CAiiN KaYoTiiC KRiiT

    However I liked the elite better than the scuf.. mainly cuz of the analog sticks I loved the feeling of em. I use the 2 inside paddles so I can grip the controller better

  12. KaYoTiiC CAiiN KaYoTiiC KRiiT

    I've had 4-5 elites.. Best Buy finally decided to just give me a store credit cuz I kept exchanging it. Thank god I got the warranty

  13. I bought an elite, but i too am concerned about the durability. I paid for extended warranty, which is usually a scam, but i really wanted a better controller. I would have never bought it if my steam controller did not have shit software.

  14. Your controllers shouldn't break that fast unless you smash them…

  15. Mazharul Alam

    The Elite is an amazing controller with some serious durability issues. I strongly recommend to buy it with some kind of extended warranty.Many people have a elite controller that works fine since they bought it but alot people(including me) have reported common issues that put into question the general reliability of the controller.

  16. you give me unintentional ASMR, keep talking 🙂

  17. Raymond Pecheone

    I've had two Elites and BOTH shit the bed with the left bumper. Terribly made for $150. My regular day one controller lasted longer. Scuf for the win in that department. Paddles are much better on the Elite though….

  18. I play claw so I just use the default controller but my left bumper also broke within a few months of use! I didn't have warranty but I just bought a new bumper panel for about £2 and swapped it out on my controller, so I now have a black controller with an orange bumper panel, looks pretty cool and works great!

  19. ithinkmynameismoose

    This is interesting. I've had my elite for a little over a year now and It's been solid as hell. No issues at all.

  20. Elite controller by far!!!!!!

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